Patterns are designs with repetitive elements on a background. It is used as backgrounds in flyers, menus, brochures, and other printouts. It can also be applied to web pages, blogs, and other applications that will need a background design. There are different types of patterns that you will see around. Some of the common are heart patterns, ethnic patterns, and other styles.

If you are considering on using patterns for your own projects, you can check out some free patterns online just like these curated examples.

However, patterns are quite tricky to use. Since the design of the patterns alone are repetitive, it is quite hard to make an element that you added on it to stand out. Yet, there are some ways to get around that problem. For one, you can overlay a translucent shape where you can add your images. There are other methods that you can do, too. Get started on your creative works with designs made out of creative patterns to download.


Vector Patterns

Geometric Pattern

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From the word geometric, this form of the pattern uses different shapes for its design. With this sample, the design forms repetitive squares with some of those squares having lines that do not fully meet each other. In other designs, the shapes can be in different combinations. You can explore other forms should you want more shapes in the pattern you will be using. In some ways, this is similar to swirl patterns.

Abstract Pattern



Abstract, by definition, doesn’t really have a form. In this example, you will see that the lines go in different directions. Its white background goes perfectly with the sepia lines. Those neutral tones go well together and both set the calm tone in this pattern.

3D Pattern



It’s dark and edgy with a different view when looked at a different angle. These are the first few things that will come to your mind when you see this 3D design. Although close to geometric, this has more to its design than meets the eye. Aside from black, this has charcoal, ash, fossil, and a little hint of fog.

Free Pattern Downloads

Feather Pattern



Looking for something minimal? Why don’t you try this feather pattern? It has mix colors of lavender, periwinkle, heather, mulberry, and plum. Behind it is a clean white background. Ideally, font styles that go with this are those that are into calligraphy styles. This is perfect for casual events, spring parties, and any other related occasions. Vintage patterns can be a good alternative to this.

Boho Pattern



Channel the inner bohemian-chic in you with ornamental designs to complete the pattern. Usually, the color of the ornament does not go far from the color of the background. Mostly, it is just one shade lighter or a shade darker.

ZigZag Pattern



Zigzags make a good pattern, too. Usually, you would immediately imagine for the zigzag to be in black and white just like patterns of stripes. However, it can actually be in different colors just like the example above. When using multi-colored patterns, a white background is always the best pair since it brings highlight to the other tones used.

Free Pattern Backgrounds

Floral Pattern



A floral pattern is not just the vector designs that you usually see that greatly resembles the natural flowers. Some can just be outlines which, when reflected against each other, would create a kaleidoscope-like effect similar to what you see in trippy patterns. In this sample, the flowers are in between the shades of blonde and macaroon. The gradual change in colors makes it more appealing to look at.

Wave Patterns



Above is a pattern that will remind you of the ocean. Ocean waves are perfect for summer themes and lively designs. The lines here gradually changes from arctic to sapphire and overlap each other in every row. If you are looking for a retro-like design or simply a wavy pattern, this is one of the many that you will see.

Snowflakes Patterns



Snow is falling in this winter-inspired theme. Snowflakes are scattered in the cotton and pearl shade background. The snowflakes themselves do not have a distinct design but rather comes in a variety. If you are planning to throw a winter party or making a project related to the season, this snowflake pattern is one of the many to consider.

Summer Patterns

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Beach balls, sunnies, flip flops, and fruits; these are some of the elements in the patterns available. These are also the common symbols that represent summer. This seasonal pattern is great for summer party flyers among other events under the sun. The colors are lighter too to make the design brighter just like how it is during the summer.


Overall, patterns will definitely make your designs artistic, creative, and catchy to those who see it. It catches attention but does not put its contents out of the light. It is also convenient to use since there are plenty of available designs that you can find and use. Some of the formats are in vector or in PSD. Both of which are very easy to customize.

Aside from that, free patterns also fit different occasions. Its versatility to where you use it gives you an advantage when conceptualizing your design. With all these information in mind, find the pattern that you like most to start with your own artwork.

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