Who doesn’t love surprises? Okay, so maybe not everyone is in favor of a surprise, but if it’s a party, they might just enjoy it.

Heck, why not throw them a surprise party then? Inform the guests that you’re going to be throwing the celebrant a surprise party for whatever the occasion is with these invitations on the list. They’ll help you send the message across that you do not want the celebrant to know that there’s going to be a party in his name.

Speaking of invitations, there are more invitation of all kinds out there that you can use. If you are interested, try out this free invitation templates.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

surprise birthday party invitation


Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation

surprise anniversary party invitations


Surprise Retirement Party Invitation

surprise retirement party invitations


Printable Surprise Party Invitation

printable surprise party invitation


Surprise Party Printable Invitation

surprise party printable invitation


Western Surprise Party Invitation

western surprise party invitation


***Faye, the Halloween surprise is a little confusing. But the only surprise invitation on this list for a holiday was Halloween only. So I couldn’t generalize it to holiday surprise***

Types of Surprise Parties

There are many parties of which you can surprise someone for. The surprise invitations that you’ll find on this list for different kinds of parties include the following:

  • Birthdays – Birthdays are a special time of the year for everyone. If you know someone who’s birthday is coming up soon, why not invite friends and family over to celebrate with them? These cards will make it a surprise for the birthday celebrant. Just imagine the look on their face when they realized you’ve thrown them quite a surprise. There are many surprise party invites of different variations and styles that you’ll find on this list.
  • Anniversaries – Never overlook the bond two people share with each other. Not everyone can maintain a healthy relationship for years on end. Surprise your significant other by inviting other guests without their knowledge for an anniversary party in your names.
  • Halloween – A party for Halloween in surprise can seem appropriate for the occasion. While this invitation doesn’t necessarily have to be a surprise for a specific person, it does leave a surprise for the guest.
  • Retirement –  Someone leaving off of work for good can seem rather sad to his coworkers. If you know anyone like this, why not throw one last party in surprise in their names? They’ll most definitely appreciate the effort for one last good memory at work.

Speaking of invitations, if you’re interested in inviting others for an event rather than a surprise party, then check out these event invitations.

Elegant Surprise Party Invitation

elegant surprise party invitation


Halloween Surprise Party Invitation

halloween surprise party invitation


Retro Surprise Party Invitation

retro surprise party invitation


Sweet Sixteen Surprise Party Invitation

sweet sixteen surprise party invitation


Personalised Surprise Party Invitation

personalised surprise party invitation


The Necessities of a Surprise Invitation

If you want to make a surprise invitation, then you need to fill up the following information:

  • Name of the Person Being Surprised – It’d be difficult to keep a surprise for a specific person when the guests who are throwing the surprise don’t even know who that person is. Make sure to inform your guests who the surprise if going to be for and not to tell them.
  • The Place of the Party – You need to make sure that your guests got the location of where the surprise is going to take place. It won’t be good if they get lost and wound up somewhere else they didn’t know.
  • What Time the Party is Going to Start – It’s important for the guest to know the specific time of when to come to the party. It won’t do them any justice if they come around when the surprise has already been sprung, has it? They need to be early and time it just right.
  • How to Keep the Party a Secret – You also need to inform the guests attending how to keep the surprise a secret for the celebrant who’s unaware. For example, you could tell the guests that the person who is in for a surprise thinks that they’re merely going to an average dinner when they’re going to be at a party on their names.
  • Extra Information – It’ll also be wise to include any left out information such as bringing gifts, what to wear, or what color of clothing they should be putting on. This can be important if you are hosting a specific party that follows a certain theme.

So what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you find the best surprise invitation you can give over to your guests to surprise a certain individual. You can take a pick from whatever design of the invitation cards you’d like from this list.

If you’re looking for more invitation cards of other kinds, try these invitation templates for yourself.

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