Babies are bundles of joy that are welcomed to the family. Families and friends alike join in the celebration of this unborn blessing through a baby shower. Among the many things that you prepare for this occasion are baby shower invitations to send away to your guests. There are many ways on how you can come up with these invitations, one of which is to create and design your own.

Designing your own card doesn’t have to be a pain nor a hassle. In fact, it can be a budget-saver that lets you have a little extra for other expenses. What you need are invitations templates that are available readily from different sources. Why don’t you take a look at some of the best baby shower designs that might want to use for your own event?

Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Vintage Invitation Template
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This light-colored invitation combines a solid color and stripes on its background that are separated with a thin fossil-shade line. Above it is a shape that is in the shade of teal where a clear white “Baby Shower” text is written. It also has the line, “It’s a Boy” written over the blush shade ribbon. Overall, the design appears vintage and sets a cool and relaxing mood on the invitation.

Striped Invitation Template
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Stripes make a good design for any occasion. Two shades of blue are used on the farthest background before another type of stripes pattern is laid over it. The text is placed in a white, multi-angular shape that is at the center of the event invitation template. To complete this design, a blue ribbon is sitting daintily at the top center. This is perfect when you expect a bouncing baby boy.

Fancy Invitation Template
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Polka dots make your invitation pop. Polka dots definitely make this invitation livelier which has a sky blue background and pearl dots. At the center are the details with white background and a magenta border. The text has simple fonts with only the name of the mother and the words “Baby Shower” in script style. This fancy invitation can be used whether you are expecting a male or a female baby.

Floral Invitation Template


Go all out spring with this floral invitation! This design uses outlines and shapes of petals that are grouped together. The background is in the shade of cotton with thin lines that go from top to bottom repeatedly. This design is pretty colorful but nevertheless is still aesthetically controlled, making it pleasing. The fonts are thin but not condensed and are in the same colors as the flowers themselves. This is a good event invitation to send for a floral-themed celebration for a baby girl.



These invitations and thank-you cards have a watercolor background. Shades of white and blush compliment each other as other details are put on top of it. The wreath that encircles the words “Oh Baby” and “Thank You” instantly catches attention. Meanwhile, the font of the text are kept simple in serif style while the name of the mother and the words “Oh Baby” are in the golden script. This is ideal when you have a baby shower for a baby girl.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby Shower Invitations for Boys


Welcome your little man with a shower that starts with a power blue zigzag invitation. The shades of blue and white compliment each other well and gives the guest a light and comfy vibe. The highlight in this design is the cute baby elephant that sits at the top center with blossoms of flowers and leaves beneath it. This is a cute invitation flyer design when you have a baby boy on the way.



This invitation showcases a combined design of zigzag patterns and polka dots. This cute invitation design highlights a little baby at the center with the mother’s full name in a huge font. This uses three main colors which are sapphire, white and charcoal. It is a neat design that will definitely be great when expecting a boy.

Baby Shower Invitations for Girls
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Celebrate your baby girl with a multi-pattern design that has a ribbon a the center with a huge “Welcome Baby Girl” written at the center. The design mainly uses blue yellow and pink to complete the whole look. This does not use too many words. This sample invitation template is great for incoming baby girls.

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Another invitation for a baby girl is this design which has a ribbon enclosure at the center. This uses a heart-shaped pattern with a round design at the center and topped with a pink ribbon at the bottom. Aside from that, a cute magenta elephant is also at the top center. This is good for people who want something pink and more commonly used for girl baby showers.

Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Watercolor Baby Shower Invitation
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Simple yet elegant. These are just a few words that would describe this design. It has golden dots and lines that blend well with the watercolor brush stroke. The essential details are written on the stroke itself for clarity. If you want a gender neutral yet minimal design, this is what you should go for. A good baby shower invitation for guests of all ages.

Polka Dot Baby Shower Card


Last but not the least is this polka dot design that has both sapphire and flamingo shade. If you want to make the baby’s gender a surprise if you want to announce that you have twins, them this design is for you. Also, this has a baby suit with the words “Baby Shower” written on it. Excite every member of your family with this invitation.

Final Thoughts

There are more designs that you will find when you look for invitation templates. The best part about using templates is that you get to have the convenience of instant cards that you can just customize and send. However, these templates have their downside too. Since they are also accessible to others, there is no guarantee that your baby shower invitations won’t have the same design as others. But, you can still make it unique with just a few tweaks. These include printing it in a different size, adding a photo, and some other things you can do. Download awesome invitations today and start preparing for a rocking baby shower to come.

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