Do you want to create animations without worrying about paying for the software? The following article lists various animation software that are available for free. So dive in and check it out!

Use these free software available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

1. Pencil: A Widely Used Software For Creating Animations


Download Pencil if you want free software with loads of features to make your animation beautiful.

  • Supports both Vector and Bitmap images
  • Exports animations in formats such as FLV, SWF, X sheet etc.
  • Features such as Import Sound, Import Image, Set Frame Rate etc. are available
  • Inbuilt illustration tools
  • Completely free with compatibility on Windows, Mac and Linux

2. CreaToon: A Free Animation Software For Giving Shape To Your Creativity


Use CreaToon if you want a simple animation making software with loads of added features

  • Configures frame rates per second as per your animation
  • Supports most of the available formats
  • Separation of various layers possible
  • Switch between four point of view cameras to review your work
  • Cons: Compatible only with Windows

3. Synfig Studio: A Free Software With Premium Features

synfig studio

Use Synfig Studio, a software which gives your animations the professional look you have been wanting.

  • Improved effects through High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)
  • Intuitive interface for a pleasant working experience
  • Different types of layers present, such as: geometric, gradient, filters etc.
  • Automatic interpolation of key-frames which results in a smooth experience
  • Open Source and available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms.

4. Tupi Animation: A Software For All Ages

tupi animation

Download Tupi Animation, a software which blends traditional animating methods with new ways

  • An interface designed for all age groups
  • Important features/tools such as Pencil, Tweening etc. are present
  • Exports files to both image and video formats (MPG,AVi etc.)
  • Features such as Timeline and Exposure sheet are available, but still on a beta phase
  • Completely free and available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms

5. Plastic Animation Paper: An Effect Animation Designing Tool

plastic animation paper

Download Plastic Animation Paper for a fun experience of going back to hand drawn animation with the advantage of digital features.

  • Allows you to draw pictures with a pen tool, thus giving the animator the chance of defining the quality of the image
  • A preview option to check and re-check the flow of the scenes
  • Effect to control and design the animations are present
  • Customizable interface
  • Allows animation to be saved in most image and video formats

6. Stykz: A Free Software For Chiselling Your Animating Skills

stykz software

Download Stykz, the first multi-platform stick figure animator.

  • Animated sequence creator with Stick Figures or any other geometrical shapes
  • Control each and every frame
  • Blueprints of old frames are available while designing the new ones
  • Built-in player for reviewing animations
  • Exports the animation to various image and video formats (JPEG, AVI, MPG etc.)
  • Available for download in Windows and Mac

7. Scratch: A Educating Software With Animation As A Tool

scratch software

Use Scratch, a software that trains young people and uses animation as a method of teaching.

  • Encourages reasoning through creation of characters that can interact with one another
  • Easy Drag and Drop interface
  • Share creations through the internet
  • Facilitates creating animations to visualize complex problems
  • Layout manipulation is not possible as they are pre-made
  • Open Source Software that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux

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