It’s hard to find a downloadable 3D game for free on the internet; but with our list of free 3D games you can download these realistic, cutting edge games for free.

These games are available in the platforms of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

1. Motoracing: A 3D Racing Game for Your PC


Download Motoracing if you want a realistic 3D game with nice graphics

  • Different motocross bikes with varying acceleration, speed and dynamics
  • 3 Modes available: Quick Race, Career or New Career
  • Win races to earn performance style points
  • Realistic environment which includes mountains, horizon, booing fans etc.

2. Assault Cube: A Free 3D Game Based On The Cube Engine

assault cube

Check out Assault Cube if you want a game that runs on PCs with low features

  • File size is under 40MB which as a result does not affect the computer’s performance
  • Has a built in map editor, where players can create and edit their own maps
  • Features a Single-Player bot system
  • Record your game using the demo system
  • Contains 12 multiplayer modes: Deathmatch/Survivor/Capture The Flag/Hunt The Flag/Keep The Flag etc.

3. Planetside 2 – Free To Play FPS from Sony

planetside 21

Download Planetside 2, if you want a game with a futuristic set up and various environments

  • Many maps available with over hundred players playing at the same time
  • Battles last for days, and involves use of strategy and teamwork
  • Provides communication tools for gamers to communicate from within and outside the gaming environment

4. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – A Free Downloadable 3D Multiplayer Game

wolfenstein enemy territory1

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a popular game based on WWII.

  • Features multiplayer support up to 32 players
  • Play as a spy/plant and diffuse land mines/guard towers etc.
  • Multiple objective based scenario where different stages are linked together to form a single story

5. Prism: Guard Shield v3 – A First Person 3D Game

prism guard shield v3

Download Prism: Guard Shield v3 , a war game based on terminating terrorists and set in familiar locales.

  • Focuses on the application of new weapons and technologies
  • Takes place in the future where the player has to conduct stealth operations
  • Familiar locations such as: Washington DC, San Francisco, California etc.

6. Purge – A 3D Game with Futuristic and Magical Themes



Check out Purge if you want a free first person shooter computer game

  • Develops the character rather than straightforward gameplay
  • Choose sides between Order and Chosen
  • Choose attributes for a character and customize your character’s appearance

7. Lionheart Tactics – A 3D Game For Android

lionheart tactics

Download Lionheart Tactics if you want a strategy and tactics based 3D game for your Android

  • Conquer over 50 battles and collect millions of hero classes for upgrading your character
  • Online mode available for making your league ranking better
  • Campaign mode with over 200 battles

8. Sniper 3D Assassin

sniper 3d assassin

9. Fast Racing 3D

fast racing 3d

10. 3D Bowling

3d bowling

Download these apps now to play these feature-rich, cutting-edge graphics laden 3D Games.

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