People who like watching videos and movies using their android devices can know very well that the preinstalled video player is not enough for playing videos. The app is not fully feature and it just support very few video formats. With that there are thousands of developers have developed video play app that will work well with android devices and make the user enjoy watching movies using the device and also watch videos in different file formats. On this post we have reviewed a best applications which you can use to watch videos in 3GP file format. The apps also support other video file formats such as mp4 and MKV among others.

1. MX Player

mx player

It may not be one of the most popular video players on the android device, but it has loads of features to offer. MX Player is built with a multi-core processing for recent android devices to ensure that users enjoy the good rendering of HD videos shorn of any lag. MX Player developers also never forgot of customizable user interface which allows the users to set their preferred interface to go together with their moods. Just by pinching you can easily zoom in and out, sweeping through the screen makes it easier to rewind or forward the video. The app supports 3GP video format among others.

Key features:

  • Customizable user friendly interface
  • Multi-core processing support
  • Absolute free for download

2. MoboPlayer

mobo player

MoboPlayer is another popular 3GP and MKV video player for android devices. It supports a wide range of video formats. The user interface of the app is simple for users to use combined high quality content display. Users of MoboPlayer can also set gestures to allow them make do some tasks quickly like open file, play file among other functions. MoboPlayer is capable of downloading and streaming video files through both RTSP and HTTP protocols. That’s not all using MoboPlayer you can watch the last accessed file from the point you left it at. For this app to work on your device it has to be android version 1.6 and above

Key features:

  • Supports almost all android devices
  • Allows users to watch video from exactly the point he/she left it at.
  • Absolutely free for download

3. RockPlayer

rock player2

RockPlayer is one of the best video and audio player to player your 3GP video file. It has an outstanding user interface and it is easy to use as it supports gestured based controls. The developers of this app have gone a step further and made newer version of the RockPlayer which is known as RockPlayer 2. The apps is faster and allows users to synchronize audio/video perfectly without any lag.

Key features:

  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Free for download
  • Supports android devices running 2.3 or higher.

4. QQ Player


5. VLC for Android

vlc for android

6. Video Player for Android

video player for android

7. KMPlayer

km player

If you have been looking for the best app to play your 3GP video files then you have to look no further. The apps on the list meets almost everything you need. All need to do is to choose the app that pleases you click on the link provided download it and enjoy you videos without any lag.

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