Textures are often used for different printable materials but it is commonly applied as a background. It can be a magazine, a digital poster, or even a wallpaper. Generally, there are tons of textures that you can find around. These designs come from textures of nature; wood, stone, or paper. In fact, you will see textures of grass, glass, and some more as you do your search.

Brick Texture



By tradition, brings are used as a solid support of walls, house corners, or even roofs. But, that’s not the only use of this classic material. It can also be used as a background. This texture can be light or dark depending on the brick type used as the base.

Considerably, you may also find this texture in some stone pattern designs. This is best paired with contrasting colors to put emphasis on the background texture.

Linen Texture



Have you noticed the groove of the woven threads on your clothes? Zoom that in and you will see different lines intersecting each other. These lines are what you will see in a linen texture. The colors that are used for the base of the texture are mostly in neutral tones which are perfect for formal printouts.

Sky Texture



Starry night and bright lights – this is what would come to your mind when you see sky textures. Its cosmic beauty will captivate your eyes and those that will see this background. It uses multiple colors that are meets and blends together in the middle of the texture. Make the stars the center of your out of this world designs.

Grunge Texture

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Edgy and leans more on dark shades, grungy textures have rough brush strokes on its designs. It has a dark tone on its base with random strokes of a lighter tone all over it. You will often see that grungy images noisier than regular photos. Though, not all grunge patterns are sharp.

Geometric Texture



Polygons and other asymmetrical shapes comprise geometric textures. In a closer look, it would seem like fragments of glasses. However, if you take a step back, you would see the real artistry that is embodied by the design.

Color tones of this design would have something dark, something lighter, and a shade in between both that would put emphasis on the shapes. Some would apply this with retro textures.

Wood Texture



Given that textures come from nature, the wood texture will never go astray in the collection. Every piece of wood has its own texture. This makes this texture very unique because anyone can experiment with its textures as they continue drafting the final layout of anything. See free forming lines crawl in the whole area with this texture.

Paper Textures

Wrinkled Paper Texture



Another byproduct from trees are papers which are also used as textures. Some of the forms of this textures are crumpled or vintage. They are easy to find and are very versatile to use. Paper textures are perfect for creative and rustic concepts.

Vintage Paper Texture

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Abstract Texture



Abstract art is also plausible to use as textures to be applied to your typography, blank canvas, and other applicable usages. This can be used in multiple printouts including posters and banners. This texture will highlight stylish texts and minimal themes.

Watercolor Texture



Thinking about using calligraphic fonts? Pair it with watercolor textures that use pastel colors and other light shades. It gives a delightful appeal to whoever sees the design you made with its simplicity and elegance. The watercolor would appear to be lightly dabbed on the canvas and overlays other areas which have been dubbed. Thus, creating different shades that will often have the ombre effect. This is best for summer or spring occasions.


Overall, one can definitely say that there are plenty of textures out there. You just have to search for the style that you need. The list above is just some of the many that you can definitely use moving forward. Use the samples to any of your projects and make it more interesting to the eyes of others. Find downloadable textures for you to use and get your creativity rolling.

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