Posters are informative materials attached on walls and other public areas to pass on information about events, promotions, and other announcements that are to be made known. Creating one is a little tricky. Coming up with a concept is easier than putting those ideas into action.

Though, you can use of poster designs that you can see online. What are these poster designs for events and how can you use them better? Check out the following that will truly make your posters interesting.

Poster Designs

Retro Posters



A look back at the past, retro designs use color combinations that are a blend of the old trends and the modern designs. The font style it uses as well are the stylish ones rather than the serif types. It is a style that has been used for quite some time but never loses its touch. This is a good alternative to posters with vintage designs.

Elegant Poster

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Throwing a VIP party? Raise the level of elegance and throw in a bucket full of luxurious vibe with posters that can live up to VIP standards. Don’t just settle for lowkey designs, go all out with tufted patterns, gold-plated texts, and a general look of pure expense. Nothing makes a party more luxurious than by starting it with a luxurious poster to show off.

Grunge Poster

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Grunge designs are never missed out when it comes to different designs for various printouts. In fact, it can also be applied to your posters. The rough strokes of brushes, stains of colors from the spectrum, and the noise in the images — all these combined give the perfect look of a grunge poster. You can also download grunge patterns for DIY posters.

Abstract Poster

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Going for something simple? Why not try abstract design? It still uses multiple colors on its designs. But, it is very subtle and blends perfectly into the background of the poster. One of the perks of this design is that you don’t need any accent to go with this. It can stand alone and will already catch attention. Imagine a wedding poster with an abstract design that brings more colors to a very romantic occasion.

Ideas and Tips for an Interesting Poster

Some posters are created for certain occasions and are mostly applicable to those alone. These event posters have specific elements on them that make it easier to identify what they are for. For instance, concerts use elements of music for posters while store sales use price tags and grocery carts. Consider what seasonal posters you can use for your own parties.

Printable Poster Designs

Music Poster

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  • Take note that your posters should always have the correct and concise information. No need to be all flowery and fluffy with the details. Most of the time, all you would need is the date, time, and location of the event. Also, you need to add the title of the event if there is any. Lastly, contact details should be found on the poster as well.

    Similarly, most details in posters for advertising only include the name of the company, the service being announced, and how clients can take advantage of it. Give accurate information with the hype that invited your guests need by plastering creative posters all around.

College Party Poster

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  • Keep your illustrations and texts balanced. Posters only need a few texts and these sets of texts should be legible so readers can easily see what was written on the printout. Use the proper font size and font style that matches the theme of your poster. Furthermore, spaces on your posters are important too since tight posters are not great to see. Check out wanted posters and observe how proper spacing is applied correctly. Likewise, you need to use colors that attract the eye of viewers to keep their attention as they continue to check out all details of the poster.

Minimal Poster Designs

Party Poster

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Final Thoughts

You don’t need your posters to be very intricate just to catch the attention of those who see it. Keep things simple and try being minimal instead of using other designs. The lesser you add on your designs, the lesser your chances of committing big mistakes that will end up messing your work. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Find the templates of event posters that attract you most and get started.

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