In the present market scenario, accounting software pays a very important part. With the help of this software, it eases the workload as well as makes the work, accounting less of errors, and more accurate.

We did some research on numerous accounting software available in the industry and we have come up with top nine accounting software in this article, so read on.

1. Tally.ERP 9


A the name suggests, Accounting software for business purposes such as accounting, payroll and inventory. It is not expensive and very popular software you can find in the market.


  • It does Accounting for various currencies and banking.
  • It manages credits, chequebooks, payables and receivables.
  • It does calculating of payrolls and interest.

2. Zipbooks


It is a software, which is easy and simple accounting and inventory software and is cloud-based.


  • It has the ability to give access to multiple users.
  • You can operate from any place, position wherever you have access to the internet.
  • The data security is extremely secured and there are no chances of your data being damaged in case of any technical damage.

3. MARG ERP 9+ Inventory & Accounting Software

marg erp 9 inventory accounting software

It is one of the most user-friendly accounting software in the market.


  • It has both single and multiple user options.
  • It does accounting for multiple currencies.
  • You can print any report from any location.
  • It has strong data security, carbon copy and backup system.

4. HD Accounts & Billing

hd accounts billing

It is one of the best software for various accounting purposes.


  • It does accounting and cloud computing.
  • It manages supply, purchase orders, financial and customer data.
  • It does backup of your database exists in this software.
  • There is option of uploading large volume of products and SMS option.

5. Busy Accounting Software

busy accounting software2

This accounting software is mainlydesigned for small and medium-based industry.


  • It manages production, project as well as taxation.
  • It has online backup and can take multiple currencies.
  • You can access this software from anywhere with the help of internet.
  • It is integrated with online banking.

6. MProfit


It is one of the best software for managing accounting for corporates, traders, investors, CA, and various assets.


  • It manages various assets like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and fixed deposits etc.
  • You can import 1600 plus sources of data.
  • It updates the auto price daily for Exchange Traded Funds or ETFT, F & O etc.

7. QuickBooks


It is easy-peasy, simple online accounting software but very useful in managing your business and finances.


  • You can send reminders to those who have to pay back your money.
  • It has integrated online banking feature.
  • There are options for multiple users and separate login for accountants.
  • It oversees your revenue and cash flows of your business.

8. Reach Accounting Software

reach accounting software

It is easy and simple online-based accounting software based out of India.


  • This software enables you to select and customize from twenty and various kinds of invoice formats where you
  • can add your tagline and logo, which lets the invoices look more professional.
  • It has the feature to automatically convert buying and records rates daily for accounting business.

9. AccountingGuru


It is brilliant software for accounting, invoicing and billing.


  • It can do configuration of the various branches of your company.
  • It has the option for multiple users where you can provide your employees with appropriate permissions.
  • It performs all the financial duties like invoicing, taxes, sales requests etc.


From the above article, you now have a clear idea of which accounting you need to check out before you start using one or multiple of them. All these mentioned accounting software are easy for usage for your businesses, either for personal business or corporate one.

Once you start using this software, you will become aware of the difference from the way you were doing accounting earlier; because this software generates orderliness in your business and help, you manage your finances accurately.

With the help of accounting software, you will have a data backup and gives security to your safeguards your delicate financial details and documents. In addition, you can customize this accounting software as per your requirement of your business such that it helps you in evaluating effectively. With the help of reports from accounting software, you can even make important plan for your future business tasks.

This software eases in your work of creating reports, operations, workflow and other financial activities on a daily basis. You can customize while generating the reports by selecting the time line of that particular date and time. It also takes care of payroll calculations, employees’ attendance and leaves, bonus and deduction of taxes etc.
It brings discipline and balanced attitude to your business such as billing, accounting, payments, inventory, wages, calculation of payrolls etc. Therefore, make the most of the accounting software and thus make your financial process with ease, organized, disciplined, and accurate and a successful accounting line for your business.

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