So you logged onto YouTube to see that new video of your favourite pop-star and what greets you is an irresistible advertisement of about 2 minutes. What if we said that we have software for you that would totally block these ads can provide you with ad-less videos and websites in general.

Download these free Ad Blocker Software available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS X etc.

1. Adblock – Block Ads Easily


Install Adblock, the #1 most downloaded extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  • Removes YouTube Video Ads completely
  • Requires no personal information to run and doesn’t monitor browsing
  • Deactivate ads if you want ads on a certain website

2. Adblock Plus – Adblocker With Many Features

adblock plus

Download Adblock Plus if you want a software that can be customized to fit your browsing needs

  • Blocks annoying ads by default but also allows acceptable ads
  • Disables tracking of your online activity by hundreds of firms and ad agencies
  • Can be configured to blocked domains known to spread malwares to protect your computer

3. AdFender – For A Faster Web Experience


Check out AdFender, a software that ranks 5-star in CNET Editor’s Rating

  • Blocks all types of ads and malwares
  • Filters updates automatically and speeds up browsing
  • Protects online privacy and removes profiling cookies

4. Privoxy – A Non-Caching Web Proxy


Download Privoxy, if you want a simple software for your ad blocking necessities

  • Modifies web page data and HTTP headers
  • Flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs
  • Can be used both for a single and multi user networks
  • Can be chained with other proxies

5. GT-Soft Ad Blocker – Get Rid Of Annoying Ads

gt soft ad blocker

Install GT-Soft Ad Blocker if you want a smooth and comfortable browsing experience

  • Comes with it’s own window and doesn’t rely on browser integration
  • Separate windows lets you decide whether or not to block ads on specific websites such as: YouTube, Google and other HULU ads
  • Cons: didn’t work properly when tested on a Windows 8 platform/many ads seeped through the blocker

6. Super Ad Blocker – Surf the Web Without any Hassle

super ad blocker

Check out Super Ad Blocker, an ad blocker that blocks all types of advertisements

  • Blocks all types of advertisements such as: flash, rich media, fly-in, slide-in, pop-ups, spyware etc.
  • Has the ability to block and remove major spyware/adware applications
  • Includes advanced privacy cleaning and also provides detailed statistics for the number of ads blocked

7. Block This! – An Adblocker For Smartphones

block this

Download Block This! if you want to stop advertisements, spam from flooding your Android based smartphones

  • Blocks ads and malwares
  • Reduces internet traffic and internet provider censorship
  • Works by changing your DNS settings and denying ads/malware/spam from being loaded

Download the ad blocker suited for you best for free and ensure a hassle free and comfortable web surfing experience.

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