Developed and brought to the market by the Adobe Systems, AI Software (Adobe Illustrator) is a single page vector graphics tool. Having .ai extension and the ability to be opened by any image viewer makes these software popular in the public domain. Let us have a look at some of the best ai oftware for PC.

1. Inkspace


The most versatile software for vector graphics in town is definitely Inkspace. Download now!

  • Comes for free and supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • AI files can be opened, viewed and even edited using Inkspace.
  • Images can be converted to many other formats.

2. Paint.Net


User friendly image editing software for some fun filled work, Paint.Net is the best in town for this.

  • Windows system, I GB RAM and I GHz processor is the minimum requirement for this software.
  • Has a very innovative user interface with editing tools such as special effects, support for multi layers etc.
  • Can be used to open encapsulated postscript and postscript files.

3. Scribus


A free and very reliable software for graphics purposes, Scribus stands on the expectation of its customers always.

  • Supports many raster files, one of them being the AI files.
  • AI files can be easily transformed into pdf files using Scribus.
  • Many interesting features which the user can experience on using this software.



Under the GNU Image Manipulation Programme, GIMP is possibly the best image editor available in the market.

  • Can be used on Windows, Linux, OS X, and GNU OS.
  • Cross Platform image editing software that comes absolutely free.
  • Source code can be changed and distributed.
  • Easily opens and edits AI files.

5. Adobe Reader

adobe reader

You talk of Adobe and Adobe Reader does not come into picture. Impossible!

  • Free software that can easily open AI files.
  • Gives a very high quality image file.
  • Easily converts AI files to pdf and text files.

6. XnView


Excellent software for image related business, XnView gives you a fine quality view of the images.

  • Available for both desktops and mobiles having Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Can open many AI files in multiple tabs on the full screen configuration.
  • Also comes in portable version with multilingual interface.
  • Images can be converted into other formats using this software.
  • Very efficient multimedia viewer and converter available for use in the market.

7. PDF X-Change Viewer

pdf x change viewer

Have a exchange from graphics to pdf files for some interesting work, PDF X-Change Viewer offers you all the services.

  • Apart from PDF, the software opens AI files.
  • Many editing and configuration tasks can be done to the AI files using this software.
  • The software comes with a multilingual interface.

Images gives an appeal to any file we see. These software gives us the option to edit these extended AI files and also convert them into many other formats depending on the requirement. Download now for a professional touch to your work.

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