Get a lot more than the time with our favorite clock apps for iOS and Android from smart alarm clocks to thorough sleep timers.

Below is the list of free alarm clock app for android & iOS

1. Gentle Alarm (Android)

gentle alarm


Gentle Alarm may have a dated Android UI, but don’t let that discourage you from giving this feature a rich alarm clock just a small try. If you’re looking for a trouble-free alarm clock app look out for a different clock but if you’re exceptionally particular about alarm settings and don’t mind spending time tinkering with settings, Gentle Alarm is an astonishingly amazing app.


  • Numerous alarms
  • returning alarms
  • puzzle modes, to a diversity of preset alarm profiles,
  • configurable ringtones and smart alarms
  • The capability to set your alarm to Internet radio stations

2. Wake Alarm Clock (iOS)

wake alarm clock

Free Download

Wake Alarm Clock mixes a clean, modest interface with motion controls and gesture to good effect for an easy and stylish to use iOS alarm clock. The app has users winding the dial to set an alarm time, and making the screen sets the clock to doze, just like crashing the snooze button on an old-fashioned clock


  • Users can set up to eight alarms
  • choose from a variety of alarm noises
  • You can even arrange the app for
  • recurring alarms.

3. Rise


Free Download

The rise is a stylish, inconspicuous iOS alarm clock for people who are looking for something easy and simple to help them wake up. Slide down or up to set the alarm time, and swipe from the side of the screen to disable or trigger the alarm.


  • The one who is using the app can customize the background as well as select from a variety of alarm sounds
  • There’s even a SleepTunes characteristic that lets you make a timed playlist help you sleep.

4. CARROT Alarm clock

carrot alarm clock

Free Download

Posing as a passive aggressive AI with a good-humouredly sadistic streak, CARROT Alarm Clock has a gamified take on waking you up. CARROT’s daily alarm can only be shut off by carrying a series of deftness minigames.


  • The app is witty, funny, bribe, will sing and lots more
  • This app features mini games, spoken dialogue, unlockable upgrades, gesture driven interface, 30 alarm tones and lots more.

5. Wake and shake Alarm Clock

wake and shake alarm clock

Free Download

This alarm clock takes shows no mercy and no prisoners. The Wake N Shake Alarm Clock boast about having no snooze button, no way to decrease the alarm volume, and no compassion.


  • Users can set several alarms
  • You can even arrange the level of intensity requisite to shut the alarm off,
  • even gamify the complete thing with an accomplishment system.

6. Alarm Clock Xtreme

alarm clock xtreme

Free Download

Alarm Clock Xtreme is a multipurpose android stopwatch, clock and timer app.


  • You can set snooze times to automatically drop with each press,
  • set a variety of ways to dismiss the alarm beside an on-screen button, such as shaking the device, entering
  • captcha or solving math query

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