Top 7 Fishing Games For Android – Now Your Favourite Sport In A Virtual World

Are you an angler? Do you eat, sleep, breathe and drink fishing? Well, today we have a list of fishing games for Android gadgets that are just what all the fishing fanatics need. Now you no longer need to worry about the position of the tide, you can fish from the comfort of your very own living room.

These fishing games have lifelike graphics and are extremely fun and addictive. So, now if weather conditions do not permit you to go fishing, you can still be fishing. Here’s the list:

1. Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale Of Redemption


Ridiculous Fishing is a three phase fishing game that is an absolute must have for fishing freaks.

Some additional features:

  • This game is available for both Android as well as iOS gadgets
  • Free of cost and highly addictive game
  • Animated graphics and fun game

2. Big Sport Fishing

Big Sport Fishing is an immensely popular and extremely addictive and fun fishing game.

Some additional features:

  • 3D graphics that are lifelike
  • Catch fishes like barramundi
  • In order to cast the bait the user simply has to perform the wrist flicking action

3. Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing is another highly addictive and tremendously popular fishing game that’s created by Gamenaut.

Some additional features:

  • Fun animated graphics
  • This game is all about fishing Ninja style
  • Available for Android as well as iOS gadgets.
  • More than 130 types of fish to collect

4. Gone Fishing – Trophy Catch

Gone Fishing is a fabulous and lifelike fishing game that is an absolute must have for anglers.

Some additional features:

  • Over 80 types of fish can be caught in this game
  • Lifelike and realistic graphics with beautiful nature backdrops
  • Allows the player to upload details of his catches to social media platforms.

5. i Fishing

i Fishing is another fun and addictive fishing game for Android users.

Some additional features:

  • Simulates real time fishing
  • Allows the player to drive his boat across the river
  • Allows the user to select his own fishing locations as well as lures

6. Super Dynamite Fishing

Super Dynamite Fishing is an awesome fishing game with a unique and fun twist.

Some additional features:

  • Allows the user to use deadly equipment like dynamite to catch the fish
  • Animated and fun graphics
  • Highly addictive game

7. Fishing Kings

Fishing Kings is a fabulous and lifelike fishing game that is a must have for all anglers.

Some additional features:

  • Allows the user to select from. Wide range of lures and top of the line fishing lines
  • Select from a wide range of fishing locations
  • Wide range of fish to catch
  • Highly addictive game

Now you can catch all those barramundi, red snappers, trouts and other fish without stepping out of your home. Choose from a wide range of fishing rods and lures to fish with. The lifelike graphics of some of these games will give you a realistic fishing experience. Just download any of the above mentioned games and fish away!

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