Do you want to play some old-school arcade games? Here is a list of top 10 classic arcade games free download. Immerse yourself in the arcade games freeware.

There are adventure games free download, pacman games free download, shooting games free download, 80’s arcade games free download, online games free download as well as flash games free download!

1.¬†Pacman – Who hasn’t played this game?


Relive the days of playing Pacman endlessly – download and enjoy the old Pacman zeal again!

  • Classic Arcade Game
  • Simple maneuvering with arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Eat the dots as fast as you can
  • Avoid contact with the monsters – you will lose a life
  • Eating the big power dots will turn the monsters and make them sluggish for a while

2. Super Mario 3 – Mario Forever

This is a classic Nintendo platformer – download and save the kingdom!

  • This version supports Windows
  • Full game – no limitations or restrictions
  • Mario, the plumber, must set forth to save the kingdom from Koopa
  • Collect power-ups
  • Face numerous different enemies – Goombas, Koopas, etc.
  • Grab coins to get extra lives

3. Farm Up – A new arcade game

This is a new free arcade game, where you must build and run a farm.

  • Grow a variety of crops, raise many animals, repair and build farm buildings
  • You have limited energy and money – spend wisely
  • Sell your produce for cash – you will need the money to buy seeds, upgrades, etc.
  • Level up for more crops and animals and farm produce

4. Tetris – Another old favorite

tetris game

This exciting free classic arcade game is sure to keep you on your toes!

  • 100% free – no upgrades, limitations or restrictions
  • Tetris pieces will fall from the top to the bottom
  • Goal of the game – to form solid rows of block to make the row vanish
  • Game end – when the piles stack up and reach the very top of the playing area

5. DX Ball – Don’t drop it!

dx ball game

This is an awesome arcade game – it will keep you hooked for hours!

  • Wonderful graphics – 60 frames per second
  • Tiny-sized game – just download and keep playing
  • Goal of the game – never to let the ball drop out of the bar
  • Hit the blocks with the ball to clear them and level up
  • Use arrow keys to manipulate the moving bar

6. Space Invaders – Shooting arcade game

space invaders

Classic arcade game about shooting down aliens – you can’t ever go wrong with that!

  • Goal of the game – just don’t let the aliens land!
  • Use your tank/ship to shoot the aliens down
  • Con – no sound in this version
  • For sound – download VDM Sound from the internet, install it. Right click on the game exe and select ‘Run with VDMS’

7. Donkey Kong

donkey kong game

This 1983 arcade game is going to send many down the memory lane. Also this is the game where Mario was first introduced, though here he is known as Jumpman.

  • Platform – DOS. (Use a DOS emulator like DOSbox)
  • You play as Mario – Donkey Kong is your enemy who has imprisoned your beloved
  • Avoid or jump over the tank barrels
  • Lots of obstacles and enemies to be faced

8. Dumb Ways To Die – An Android game favorite

This is one of the widely played Android games – it is simple, fun and addictive, and not to mention free!

  • Download it for free from Google Play on your Android phone
  • Mini-games where you have to save the lives of characters
  • Tap, swipe and slip to avoid dumb ways to die
  • Save lives from piranhas, level crossings, bears, snakes, etc.

9. Prince of Persia – The original one

This is the old Prince of Persia game – before there were CDs and DVDs – yes, it is very old!

  • Platform – DOS
  • Multiplayer – No
  • Play with joystick or keyboard
  • Play in the character of the Prince, who is trying to escape the dungeons to reach the princess who is imprisoned by the Grand Vizier
  • Classic Arcade Game – Action/Adventure

10. Hotline Miami – In the streets of 80s Miami

This retro arcade game is challenging and disturbing – may not be for the faint-hearted or kids!

  • Play as an unnamed character
  • Go on murderous missions
  • Thought-provoking game – makes you question what you are doing
  • The character is made to walk back through the carnage he created to reach the next level
  • Excellent sound, graphics and storyline

Armed with these top 10 arcade games, you can play through your Sundays skipping down the memory lane! Just don’t be late for work or school – these games are that addictive!

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