Weddings are an important event in one’s life. It signifies the union between two people in holy matrimony. It’s a beautiful sight to see how two people are brought together for life. There should be people who witness this event.

If you’re planning a wedding, either your own or someone else’s, then you might want to send out wedding invitations that have eye-catching designs to build up the mood for the event itself. Take a look at these art deco wedding invitations that can help you tell the guests that this wedding is really special due to the amount of effort put into it.

Art Deco Style Wedding Invitation

art deco style wedding invitation



Elegant Art Deco Wedding Invitation

elegant art deco wedding invitation



Vintage Art Deco Wedding Invitation

vintage art deco wedding invitation



Gold Art Deco Wedding Invitation

gold art deco wedding invitation



Hand Drawn Art Deco Wedding Invitation

handmade art deco wedding invitation



Make The Wedding Stylish

Although these cards are but a small aspect of the wedding, they are nevertheless important. They are the cards that convince the guests to attend the wedding in the first place. Your guests might feel more inclined to go to the wedding when they see that the invitation in itself was crafted with utmost care.

There are many styles that you can make your wedding invitations stylish.

  • Colors – They can have an interesting effect depending on how it blends with the design of the wedding invitation card you are making. Black, white, red, yellow or whatever color you want to apply for it, you can customize these cards to match whatever color you desire.
  • Theme – Themes can relatively change the atmosphere of the invitation card. They give an impression of what the wedding would be like. You can go for a frosty theme that would be just right for a winter wedding. Or you can also choose the theme based on where the wedding is to be held. The choice is yours.
  • Different Art Styles – The wedding invitations on this list have so many art styles, each different from each other. You can pick one that suits your tastes. Such art styles can be in swirls, straight lines or other exotic designs that can really make the invitation itself look special as if it were from an art museum.

Silver Art Deco Wedding Invitation

silver art deco wedding invitation



Art Deco Style Wedding Invitation Design

art deco font wedding invitation



Art Deco Foil Wedding Invitation

art deco foilwedding invitation



Printable Art Deco Wedding Invitation

printable art deco wedding invitation



Geometric Art Deco Wedding Invitation

geometric art deco wedding invitation



Floral Art Deco Wedding Invitation

floral art deco wedding invitation



Classic Art Deco Wedding Invitation

classic art deco wedding invitation



Information Necessary for an Invitation Card

Though this might be common knowledge, it never hurts to have a refresher. There are some pieces of information that are absolutely necessary for you to input into the wedding invitation card before sending it out. This way, those receiving the cards are well-informed and wouldn’t get confused.

  • The names of the couple are the most important element. It’s important to know who exactly is getting married to whom. After all, it is that specific couple’s special day.
  • Don’t forget the date, time and place the wedding is to be held. It’s important to know where the venue is otherwise your guests might get lost.
  • Include an RSVP to get an accurate headcount. This can help you know how many guests attended as well as who did attend.
  • Placing the host’s contact information is also a must. Just in case your guest wouldn’t be able to attend for a reason, they can call you and tell you to not expect them.

So what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you find the best art deco wedding invitation for you to send out to your guests.

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