The assets are critical to any business or an organization. And in the ancient times when technology was not so developed, conventional ways of tracking the assets was quite time consuming that often took entire work day causing a loss of productivity and efficiency. But in contemporary times, the introduction of scanners, barcodes and asset tracking software streamlines the work day and help the employees work more productively and efficiently. The best quality asset tracking software open source tools help the organizations to track, repair as well as maintain schedules, asset locations, and other important asset information.

There are a number of asset tracking software programs available for use. The most important asset tracking systems are discussed as follows

1. Wasp asset Software

The asset management software is popular because it offers the customers relevant asset management benefits for business.
Some important features of the Wasp asset software are listed as follows

  • The software automates the check in and check-out to vendors, employees and customers.
  • The asset software allows the user to add, edit, check-in, check-out, move assets, and do audits quickly.
  • With the software, the user can track the assets by site, serial number, location, and user.
  • It is available in standard, professional or the enterprise version.

2. Wise Track Core Asset Tracking Software

The RFID asset tracking software manages location, data for assets, vendors, users, contracts and many more. The data managed by the software is organized in a central asset repository which is supported by the SQL server.
Some of the vital features of the software are given as follows

  • It is designed and tested by the Microsoft Technologies.
  • It supports more than one system users.
  • The software can run as single stand alone solution.
  • The software works with data importing or integration tools, bar code technologies and many more.
  • The tool is customizable conveniently to suit the user’s requirements.

3. IntelliTrack

The software manages assets, inventory. The inventory tracking software is used for a wide variety of industries, uses. It is easier to manage the assets using the assets.
Some of the important features of the IntelliTrack software are as follows

  • The software helps to view real time data updates.
  • The data can be accessed from any browser having a web connection.
  • The software user can search and view reports by using the reports tab.
  • The users can view, edit items, update descriptions, and assign numbers, sort into categories, add measurements.
  • The user can access the software from mobile devices.

4. ManagerPlus Asset Tracking

This asset tracking software is easy to use and it helps the companies to boost the ROI. Some of the features of the ManagerPlus Asset fixed asset tracking software are as follows

  • The software allows the user to create job locations, and then drag drop assets in order to assign them a particular location.
  • It helps the user to track job sites, a facility, store rooms.
  • It helps to track custom data fields for the sake of asset assignment.

5. FMIS Fixed Asset Management

The software is popular and is used in many countries. The software is an asset management and tracking system.
Some of the important features of the asset tracking software free are as follows

  • The bar coding software used is ideally suited to meet the user’s environment.
  • It helps in managing the organization in an efficient, productive way.
  • It helps to track the different steps of the asset life cycle.
  • There is the efficient data entry.

6. EZOfficeInventory

The EZOfficeInventory is a web based asset tracking software free download that tracks and manages the asset. Using the software, the user can access the asset information from any device and that too from anywhere and at anytime.
Some of important features of the EZOfficeInventory software are as follows

  • With the software, the user can check in or check out assets without any hassle.
  • The mobile applications have barcodes scanning in them and this saves costs.
  • The software allows the user to scan the labels from their smart phone devices to fetch the asset details.
  • The EZOfficeInventory is premium software. However, the user can opt for a free trial copy of the software.

7. Asset Panda

The Asset panda assists the user in managing the assets and thereby keeping the organization organized. The asset tracking software replaces other expensive overheads to manage the assets. Another important feature of the software is that it is a cloud based asset tracking system that allows smart phone users to track assets using their installed apps.
The important features of the Asset Panda are as follows

  • Managing assets is now very simple. Tablets and smart phones with apps installed in them can help manage assets without the need to purchase expensive hardware.
  • The software helps to generate automated reports on assets. It also helps the user to organize data by category, location, and more.
  • The built-in bar code scanner helps the user to conveniently locate a particular item by searching the assets that the user has logged into using the software.

8. Sage Fixed Assets

The software in context allows the user to manage and track the fixed assets. These assets include electronics equipments, computers, machinery, buildings, office furnishings, as well as the assets that a company builds.
The following are some of the important features of the software

  • It helps the user to track the project details that includes contacts, status, financials, and notes to name a few.
  • It has 40 fields for inventory control that are fully customizable.
  • The user can use the software for generating reports on assets.

9. Tofino

Tofino is a cloud based inventory management, asset management software. It is quite popular because of the presence of a number of features.
The following are some of the important features that the software has

  • It tracks asset from desk tops or from devices that are web enabled.
  • It helps in creating custom asset categories.
  • The user can upload images to the asset library in real time from web enabled devices.
  • The software helps to manage the asset conditions, warranties, repair status and more.

Installing the Asset Tracking software

A number of Asset Tracking software is available. And some software programs have an edge over the others because of their robustness. Identifying the software the appropriate software required for a business is important. Once that is done, the installation of the software, initiates. There are a number of links corresponding to different asset tracking software. Online browsers or customers need to follow the link of their choice, preference to visit the website of the software from where they can search the download button to download the application in to their computer system.

The downloaded software can be saved in the hard disk of the computer system. Such installation files can be run to install the software in the computer operating system. Once the installation process is done, the user requires restarting the computer.

Choosing the best Asset Tracking software

Out of the many asset management software tools available online, choosing the one that is the best is really a challenging task. Corresponding to each of the software is available the features that the software offers. The customers need to go through the features and ensure that the software offers them the asset managing or tracking solutions that they require. In any website, it is provided testimonials and feedback of customers who have used the products. Prior to investing on such items, it is absolutely imperative to go through these testimonials to avoid getting cheated.

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