Technology has made it possible to record and edit audios without any hassle. There are a number of audio recording software available in the internet today.  Though, before spending your money behind software with price tags, you should definitely check out these awesome audio recording software available for a free download.

Use these free software available for Windows, Mac and Linux to give your recordings a new dimension.

1. Audacity – A Free Multi-Track Editor and Recorder


Download Audacity, a free powerhouse software to record and edit audios.

  • Totally free with no added costs for additional upgrades
  • Live audio recording
  • Backwards playing capability with Scrubbing and Seeking option
  • Allows you to convert tapes and records in a digital format
  • Available for Windows , Mac and as well as Linux
  • Supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, OggVorbis sound files

2. Power-Sound Editor Free – Free Visual Audio Editor

power sound editor free

Check out Power-Sound Editor  to record, edit and burn your audios simultaneously.

  • Records your audio and has the option of mixing it with other audio files
  • Effects like Reverb, Chorus, Echo present
  • Audio CD burning and ripping with its in-built CD burner
  • Customizable output settings to determine the quality of the recording
  • Cons: Not totally free. Users will have to make a payment to upgrade.

3. Moo0 Voice Recorder – A Free and Compact Recording Software for your PC.

moo0 voice recorder

Download Moo0 Voice Recorder to cut through minutes of silence in an audio.

  • Record any sort of sounds
  • Boosting option that allows you to increase recording levels to 500 percent
  • A cut silence option that deletes silent portion in a recording
  • Variety of options to mould your recording the way you want
  • Cons: Supports only two kinds of audio formats namely : MP3 and WAVE
  • A totally free software

4. Wavepad Audio Recorder : Recording Software With A Wide Range Of Features

wavepad audio editing software

Check out Wavepad Audio Recorder for a fun filled recording session!

  • Wide array of features to make your recordings pleasing
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Supports all kind of audio files like WAV, MP3 etc.
  • Supports a zoom tool to highlight selected part while editing
  • Cons: Supports only Windows platform
    and, some features available only on an upgraded version.

5. mp3DirectCut: Record and Edit with Cue Sheets


Download mp3DirectCut to record and edit your projects in no time.

  • Doesn’t tamper with audio quality when you cut or paste
  • MP3 recording with ACM OR LAME encoder
  • User-friendly interface for a hassle free experience
  • Cue Sheets for managing long files
  • 1 tag editor – ID3v2 tag keeping
  • Available on both Windows and Linux

6. Apowersoft Free Online Recorder : Free Audio Recorder for Windows

apowersoft free online recorder

Check out Apowersoft Free Online Recorder to record audio from your computer system, programs etc.

  • Record any sort of system sound on your computer
  • Records online conversations like Skype, online radio etc.
  • Converts recordings with its inbuilt audio converter
  • Supports many audio formats like WAV, AIFF etc.
  • Ability to create scheduled tasks (timer)
  • A totally free software

7. Cok Free Software: A Simple Basic Software for Recording

cok free software

Check out Cok Free Software if you want a lightweight software for recording.

  • Can be integrated to start automatically with Windows
  • Allows you to save your file in different channels.
  • Left Channel for Input Sounds and Right Channel for Output Sounds
  • Organizes your recordings accordingly for a hassle free experience
  • A completely free software with no added paid upgrades

8. Wavosaur Free Audio Editor: A Free Powerhouse Software to Edit your Recordings to Perfection

wavosaur free audio editor

Download Wavosaur Free Editor now to record, master and design your creations.

  • Handle multiple documents at a single time
  • Provides a solid VST effect plugin support
  • Detailed statistics present to analyze your projects
  • Volume envelope automation is present
  • Commands can be controlled by an external controller
  • A completely free software

9. Ardour: Record, Design and Produce


Ardour, a multi-channelled audio recording and editing software with full automation support.

  • Multi-track audio mix capabilities that allows you to experiment
  • Does not destroy quality with repeated editing and allows unlimited undo/redo
  • Supports a powerful mixer to tweak your recordings
  • Supports unlimited plugins for integration
  • Timecode synchronization
  • Cons: Supports only Mac and Linux.

10. Music Editor Free (MEF) – Record and Process Audio Files

music editor free1

Download Music Editor Free (MEF) to give your recording the highest quality of production

  • Powerful editor to shape your recordings to the highest degree of perfection
  • Includes variety of effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction
  • Supports a vast array of audio formats like vox, gsm, au, ogg, wmv etc.
  • Very user friendly and intuitive interface
  • Completely 100 percent free!

Download these free software now to give your recordings a personal touch with the help of an array of available options and features.

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