Making calls and managing calls is a cumbersome process for any business. Autodialer software helps to perform marketing activities like calling the prospects with ease. They also manage call center activities by intelligently routing of calls to the agents through automation and increase their productivity to a large extent.

One can search Google using “auto dialer software free download” or “autodialer software free” and find more varieties and details of this auto dialer software.

1. Predictive Dialer

predictive dialer

This is easy to use auto dialer software and comes with plenty of features. It has the facility to block phone numbers automatically. It comes with caller ID, agent scripts, call recording and many other essential features. It comes with international calling facility. It allows monitoring agent call details. It allows agents to transfer calls.

2. Auto Dialer

auto dialer

This auto dialer software enables calling one’s clients faster and with the easiest way. This software comes with plenty of features like setting reminders to callback and leaving a voice message to clients easily. It allows monitoring agents and does not require any hardware. It provides comprehensive but simple reports for leads management.


blended predictive dialer

This software can handle fluctuating call volume very easily. It automates the calls so that when its volume is increased and manages inbound and outbound calls efficiently. It comes with a single dialer interface to perform the jobs easily. It comes with agent scripting and calls suppression facilities. It uses cloud technology for blending calls.

4. Voicent Auto Dialer

voicent auto dialer

This software performs calling the clients automatically by just uploading the contact list. It allows sending thousands of calls from a single system simultaneously. It can convert text to speech to send voice messages. It comes with an extremely user-friendly interface and one can work with the software very comfortably.

5. Call Fire Autodialer Software

call fire auto dialer software

This incredible auto dialer software provides automated dialers for any business. It helps to improve lead generation and comply with ‘Do not call’ telephone regulations. It comes with voice messaging system and has plenty of sophisticated features. It provides smart dialing solutions for businesses like call centers and it is easy to use the tool.

6. Power Dialer

power dialer

This auto dialer software allows making unlimited marketing phone calls with less cost. It can monitor and coach the agents for their high productivity. It can produce custom reports to provide data for trends and targets. It allows transferring calls in a quick manner and can also hold conference calls for better efficiency.

7. WINLEADS Auto Dialer Software

winleads auto dialer software1

This incredible auto dialer software comes with the power of making thousands of calls and pre-screen prospects. It can generate hundreds of qualified leads for each day. It allows running multiple promotions on multiple lines or at different intervals in a day. It comes with easy to use interface and can monitor the progress.

8. VanillaSoft


This is one of the best auto dialer software helps to speed up sales process by making automatic calls to the leads. It manages the leads in a perfect manner. It comes with powerful statistics for taking proper actions. It can route the call to next best lead automatically. It allows accessing calendar.

9. Mojo Dialer

mojo dialer1

This amazing auto dialer software allows connecting with more prospects to have conversations and get more appointments. It comes with a perfect lead manager. It has integrated follow-up facility and scheduling appointment feature. It also provides a complete mobile prospecting system for a smart phone as well. It provides perfect statistical data of the prospects.

10. Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer

acarda messenger auto dialer

This feature filled auto dialer software can automatically make calls and comes with voice message facility too. It can generate a list of telephone numbers automatically. It comes with innovative message management feature. It can import a list of telephone numbers and has do not call list facility. It allows configuring call attempts to the leads.

11. VoiceCTI free auto dialer

voicecti free auto dialer

This auto dialer software comes with the good number of features. It provides all kinds of auto dialing facilities like one-click dialing and speed dialing. It can record the call details. It comes with voice mail feature as well. It allows managing contact details and provides call id for detecting incoming calls.

12. ICTDialer


This free and open source auto dialer software comes with tremendous capabilities. It has the web interface and comes with advanced contact management. It comes with plenty of SMS features and allows bulk messaging. It also has the capability to do bulk faxing for prospects. It has drag and drops feature which helps users to interact easily.

What is Auto Dialer Software?

Autodialer software dials the telephone numbers which are supplied to it with a list. After the customer picks the call the auto dialer software connects the call to the agent for performing conversation. Autodialer software allows making unlimited calls and international calls with less cost. They help to monitor and manage call center activities by increasing the productivity of the agents. To know the details and get varieties of auto dialer software one can search Google using “auto dialer software for windows 7”, “phone dialer software”, “auto calling software” or “robot dialer” or ““auto dialer software for call center” and find them.

How To Install Auto Dialer Software?

The Autodialer software’s installation files are supplied by the vendor either in CD form or as a downloaded file. The installation files come with detailed installation procedure document. Hence, one can check the procedure document and understand about installation methods. If there are prerequisite files or procedures to be performed they can be done by using this installation procedure document. After installing prerequisite files or completing prerequisite process one can install the software using executable file and complete the installation successfully. The software website sometimes provides complete installation procedure and one can check the site. Helpline can be contacted in case of any queries.

Benefits Of Using Auto Dialer Software

The main purpose of using auto dialer software is to enhance the productivity of call center agents by automating the entire call center process. They allow setting the calling frequency to the prospects or clients so that one need not remember when to make calls. They can make unlimited calls without worrying about an escalation in call costs and even they make international calls at a cheaper price. They completely eliminate manual dialing and everything is automated to generate many leads and resolve any issues with ease.

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