Baby shower games are some unique ideas and fun-filled activities that you might love to indulge in when you have a baby knocking at the doorsteps of your life.

To make the shower ambience feel fresh and interesting, it will be great to introduce any of the following free games.

1. My Baby Shower – Makeover Game

my baby shower makeover game

Princess Louise is going to have a baby, so this game will show the perfect baby shower event to celebrate the upcoming birth. With the 8 stages, you can make the princess go through prenatal checkup to organizing the different care items.

  • Rated for 3+ gamers
  • only available for 4.0 android versions and more
  • exciting mini-games with detailed instructions

2. Sweet Baby Girl Newborn Baby

sweet baby girl newborn baby

Having a new baby is not a matter of joke and the Sweet Baby Girl’s mother is asking for a little help from you. Help decorate the nursery for the child, take her to doctor, arrange for the baby shower event etc.

  • 11 Mommy and baby care interesting mini games
  • compatible with 2.2 and up
  • rated best for 12+ gamers

3. Sweet Baby Girl – Dream House

sweet baby girl dream house

With new baby daycare and other playtime activities, this is one of the most popular games for the girls. From baking cakes, arranging birthday party, to preparing baby bedtime arrangements, it is yet another engaging game.

  • can be easily played on 2.2 and up android
  • easy instructions for 3+ gamers

4. Baby Shower Planner

baby shower planner

Help the “to-be” mother to plan a perfect baby shower. Use the checklist and add new tasks to make the game more engaging.

  • compatible for 4.0.3 and up devices
  • can be easily played for 3+ gamers
  • does not need any extra software

5. Baby Shower Games Information

baby shower games information

Similar to the traditional kid’s party game, this is also going to make the party livelier. Leave the legwork to others in this game and show how it is organized.

  • not yet rated
  • applicable for 2.3.3 and up android users
  • 1.2 version of the game

6. Double Baby Shower

double baby shower

Arrange a warm bath for the twins. Undress them, get those toys, and wash their hair, make them wear fresh dresses, to make them feel fresh.

  • compatible with 2.2 and up android devices
  • unrated game with its 1.0.0 current version

7. Baby Shower Party – Puzzle

baby shower party puzzle

With about 60 amazing pictures, this game needs this pictures to be arranged and form the clear baby shower party picture. With three levels in the game, this game will give some great ideas on how to actually arrange for the baby shower event.

  • 2.3.3 and up android phones
  • 1.03 is the current unrated version

8. Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon

sweet baby girl beauty salon

9. Rapunzel Baby Shower

rapunzel baby shower

10. Sweet Baby Girl Twin Sisters

sweet baby girl twin sisters

Ranging from the classic baby shower games to that of the newly launched android and PC baby shower games, these little might-boggling ideas can be an interesting part of the event you are hosting. Use these real-time prizes to make the vent all the more engaging. Show your gratitude to your guests by making the event memorable for them as well.

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