Scrabble is a classic board game that has won hearts of millions of people the world over. You can even get amazed with such a game. It comes to help you improve the vocabulary. At the same time, the games are exciting enough to give you lots of fun and entertainment.

Best and famous scrabble games.Here we are going to talk about best and famous scrabble games. If you are looking to download them on PC or smartphone you can do this at your ease and as per your convenience. So, check out these best Android scrabble games.

1. Aworded

aworded 2

It comes free of cost.

  • The Aworded is an excellent Scrabble alternative.
  • This is one of the finest scrabble games you must have.
  • The rules of the gameplay are very nice.
  • It comes with great mechanics.
  • You can enjoy it in 16 languages, online multiplayers mode, and unlimited games’ mode.
  • Apart from that, the game is where you can defeat the co player easily.
  • Get it on google play.

2. Scrabble

scrabble 2

Here comes one more game of high quality.

  • This is one of the best, free scrabble games.
  • Hasbro partnered with EA for bringing forth this amazing game for mobile phones.
  • It comes with no advertisement.
  • The game is entertaining enough to keep you busy.
  • It is little buggy.
  • You will surely be able to access it on google play.
  • Don’t miss to have it now.

3. Wordfeud

wordfeud 3

Here comes Wordfeud.

  • This costs free and paid version is of $2.99.
  • The Wordfeud is another ancient mobile game.
  • This is one of the finest scrabble games.
  • The game is brought to you in improved and updated versions.
  • It can be operated on the classic “free and paid” paradigm.
  • You will be able to play it in 30 difficulty levels.
  • The game is surely very good.

4. Wordsmith

word smith 1

It is also a free game.

  • It even comes in paid version.
  • You can download from google play.
  • The Wordsmith has been around for a long time.
  • This is representing a simple alternative of many similar games.
  • It is one of the most exciting scrabble games on the market.
  • It is supportive for two to four players.
  • This is an awesome to have game.
  • This can be downloaded from the internet.
  • Get it on google play.

5. Words With Friends

words with friends classic 2

Its cost is free.

  • The Words with Friends is one of the best and most famous scrabble games.
  • It is offering so many specs and features.
  • This is highly accessible.
  • Millions of people have already downloaded it.
  • There are multiple game modes which include the classic mode and speed mode.
  • You can enjoy this game in multiple versions.
  • It’s a good alternative of many games you are tired of.

6. Scrabble LeopardSoft

scrabble leopardsoft

7. Scrabble Solitaire

scrabble solitaire

All of these scrabble games are super cool. I am sure once you give them a try, you can get fully entertained. At the same time, you will get rid of the worries which have long made you feel bad.

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