Play with these free word games and solve the puzzles, take the new challenges and improve your vocabulary.

Download below word games for free and have fun as well as learn.

1. Scrabble – Most popular word game on computer

In this game you have put stretch on your head to solve the puzzle. This game is for all age group.

  • This version supports Windows XP/ Vista/7/8
  • Lots of options to customize the game as per your desire.
  • You can save the game
  • Statistic record shows you about the highest score, highest word score, win percentage and about the 7 letter words you did.

2. FlipWords 2 – Challenging Game

In this game you have to flip the letters and make the words. Build your phrasing skills.

  • This version supports Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/7/8
  • With the words you have to make phrases
  • Even you can create phrases for others also

3. Bookworm Deluxe – Think and make the words

In this game to make a word you have to think and try to create a word. You have to check the words in diagonal way, sideway, upside-down and combine everything and make a word.

  • Supports Windows XP / Vista
  • You have to click on any letters and then nearby letters to create a word.
  • As you earn the ranks you are titled as librarian, scribe, clerk and editor.
  • You have to watch for the burning tiles or else they burn your letter collection and you lose game.

4. Bookworm Adventures – Think and learn new vocabulary

Even this game can be played by all age groups as it is fun and exciting and grabs your attention also. You may forget that you are making spelling as your focus in on the enemies.

  • Supports Windows XP / Vista
  • You have to create a three or more letters word from a 4×4 grid of random letters.
  • You can attack on enemies if words are longer and rarer
  • Create words to attack enemies and not for the points like other games

5. Super Text Twist – Brain game

In this game you have to twist the letters to make a word and even it can be played offline.

  • Supports Windows 2000 / Windows 95/ Windows 98/ Windows ME/ Windows XP/ Windows 8/10
  • To move forward in the game all letters are to be used to make a word
  • Time limit is two minutes and thirty seconds to form as many as possible 6-7 letters word.
  • Think what all words can be with different combination

6. Typer Shark – Typing Tutor

This is very interesting game for all those who want to learn typing as well as have fun. With this game your typing speed is improved and you come across new words

  • Supports Windows XP / Vista 7/ 8
  • 2 Different Game Modes : Adventure and Abyss
  • You are driver of the ocean, your keyboard is the weapon and you can save yourself by typing words and attacking the creatures.
  • Select the difficulty level as per your typing ability

7. Word Search

8. Sleep Furiously

9. Slice Words

10. WordBrain

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