Birthday parties are always fun and full of memories, especially when surprises are made at times when the birthday celebrant least expects it. It is always wonderful to see their reaction when surprises are successfully executed. If you are the person responsible in planning the birthday party, the more it makes you feel good. Refer to our collection of Surprise Party Invitations to get you started.

When you are planning to hold a birthday party for a family member, a loved one, or a friend, then look no further. We have invitation templates on our website to make your party organizing more convenient and the process of producing birthday invitations such a breeze.

Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday Tea Party Invitation

birthday tea party invitation1



Birthday Halloween Party Invitation

birthday halloween party invitation



Birthday Bowling Party Invitation

birthday bowling party invitation



Kids Birthday Party Invitation

kids birthday invitation



1st Birthday Invitations

1st Birthday Princess Invitation

1st birthday princess invitation


1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Invitation

1st birthday minnie mouse invitation



1st Birthday Owl Invitation

1st birthday owl invitation



1st Birthday Ladybug Invitation

1st birthday ladybug invitation



Join In on the Celebration!

A birthday is a celebration in commemorating a person’s anniversary of the day they were born, and this usually involves parties. Though different rituals and traditions are observed in other countries, cultures, or religion, there is at least one thing in common between all these, and that is the thought of making the day special for the person celebrating their birthday.

A birthday invitation is a letter or a card requesting the recipient to attend a birthday celebration. It could either be sent by the celebrant themselves, or it could also be done by the person responsible in planning the party, especially in cases when the birthday party involves surprises.

With birthday invitations, it is usually done to formally ask someone to attend the celebration, as well as to limit the attendees to only those who are invited. This way, there will be enough seats, souvenir gifts, and food to accommodate the guests, since the number or people are controlled.

If you are looking for free invitation templates and you feel like you have the skills and creativity to make your own invitations for the birthday party that you are planning, then check out the samples here or you may head on over to our other collection of Sample Invitation Template.

Frozen Birthday Invitations

Frozen Photo Birthday Invitation

frozen photo birthday invitation



Frozen Elsa Birthday Invitation

frozen elsa birthday invitation



Frozen Disney Birthday Invitation

frozen disney birthday invitation



Frozen Personalized Birthday Invitation

frozen girl birthday invitation



Ariel Birthday Invitations

Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitation

ariel mermaid birthday invitation



Princess Ariel Birthday Invitation Template

ariel princess birthday invitation



Handmade Ariel Birthday Invitation

handmade ariel birthday invitation



Ariel Birthday Invitation Card

ariel birthday card invitation



Avengers Birthday Invitations

Printable Avengers Birthday Invitation

avengers printable birthday invitations



Avengers Age of Ultron Birthday Invitation

avengers age of ultron birthday invitation



Avengers Birthday Photo Invitation

avengers birthday photo invitation



Marvel Avengers Birthday Invitation

marvel avengers birthday invitation



The Art of Invitation

Making birthday invitations nowadays are no longer as difficult as it was before, and that’s because of templates. Today, we have convenient access to them on the internet and these already include most of the design, and only requires us to make final touches through the use of photo editing software. In addition, you can follow the guidelines below to help you out in making your own birthday invitations.

  • Find the perfect birthday invitation template online that works best for you.
    • There are websites that provide templates for a certain fee, while there are others that offer them for free (but why look for them on other websites when we are already providing you with the best ones?)
    • However, if you can’t find what you are looking for anywhere on the internet — including our website— then it’s time to crank up your creativity to high gear.
  • Templates are fully editable, even if it already contains pictures, texts, and is already halfway finished. You can still remove and add elements, depending on your preferences.
    • You may use your own photographs or you may also use ones on the internet, just make sure the images you download aren’t watermarked.
    • Be creative! But don’t add too many elements that may make the invitation too cluttered
  • Write down the necessary information on the invitation, such as the name of the birthday celebrant, the date and time of the party, and the location of the venue.
    • You may also include the theme of the birthday party.
    • For the convenience of the invited person, you may also include a small map to the venue.
  • Include an RSVP on the bottom portion of the invitation, and include a deadline informing the recipient on when they should be able to provide a response to the invitation.

If you are looking for invitation templates for wedding-related events, you may check out our collection of Bridal Shower Invitations and Anniversary Invitation Templates.

Bubble Guppies Birthday Invitations

Nick Jr Bubble Guppies Birthday Invitation

nick jr bubble guppies birthday invitation



DIY Bubble Guppies Birthday Invitation

diy bubble guppies birthday invitation



Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Invitation

bubble guppies birthday party invitation



Bubble Guppies Printable Birthday Invitation

bubble guppies printable birthday invitation



Batman Birthday Invitations

Batman Photo Birthday Invitation

batman photo birthday invitation



Batman Lego Birthday Invitation

batman lego birthday invitation1



Batman and Superman Birthday Invitation

batman and superman birthday invitation



DIY Batman Birthday Invitation

diy batman birthday invitation



Elmo Birthday Invitations

Elmo Birthday Invitation Template

elmo evite birthday invitation



Handmade Elmo Birthday Invitation Card

homemade elmo birthday invitation



DIY Elmo Birthday Invitation

diy elmo birthday invitation



Halloween Birthday Invitations

Halloween Photo Birthday Invitation

halloween photo birthday invitation



Boy Photo Halloween Birthday Invitation

boy halloween birthday invitation



Mickey Mouse Halloween Birthday Invitation

mickey mouse halloween birthday invitation



Iron Man Birthday Invitations

Printable Iron Man Birthday Invitation

personalized iron man birthday invitation



Iron Man Birthday Party Invitation

iron man birthday party invitation



Personalized Iron Man Birthday Invitations

personalized iron man birthday invitations1



The Best Ideas for Birthday Invitations

Regardless of how creative you are, without ideas, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to make much progress with your project. So here are a few ideas to help you get started on how to make your own birthday invitations.

  • Superhero-themed birthday invitations. If the birthday celebrant is a fan of superheroes such as Iron Man, Superman, or Batman, then these templates are the perfect ones for them.
  • Cartoon characters birthday invitations. If you are planning to host a children’s birthday party, then the most ideal theme for their invitations would be those that include cartoon characters from children’s television shows.
  • Food-themed birthday invitations. It’s a no-brainer that people love to eat and it is also one reason why people love to go to parties. So why not make an invitation that includes an image of a mouth-watering food to make the invitation more appealing?
  • Animal-themed birthday invitations. Animals are adorable, and people love them. Make your invitations more endearing by adding pictures of animals on them. If the birthday celebrant is an dog-lover, then you may place pictures of dogs on your invitation.

There are more themed templates available on our site, you may even check out our collection of Princess Party Invitations for little girls who dream of becoming princesses.

Ice Cream Birthday Invitations

Ice Cream Cone Birthday Invitation

ice cream cone birthday invitation



Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Invitation

ice cream parlor birthday invitation



Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Invitation

ice cream sundae birthday invitation



Ice Cream Photo Birthday Invitation

ice cream photo birthday invitation



Karate Birthday Invitations

Karate Kid Birthday Invitation

karate kid birthday invitation



Karate Girl Birthday Party Invitation

karate birthday party invitation



Karate Themed Birthday Party Invitation


karate themed birthday party invitation



Ladybug Birthday Invitations

Ladybug Girl birthday invitation

1st birthday ladybug invitation1



Ladybug Printable Birthday Invitation

ladybug printable birthday invitation



Ladybug Birthday Invitation with Photo

ladybug picture birthday invitation



Fancy Ladybug 1st Birthday Invitation with Picture

ladybug fancy 1st birthday invitation



Bust Out a Birthday Bash

Planning birthday parties by yourself is possible, but may require a lot of time and effort, unless you ask help from other people. The more people involved in the planning process, the easier and faster things get done. You may even include the celebrant themselves, unless you are planning a surprise party instead, then they should be kept in the dark to keep the element of surprise alive. Follow these simple steps on how to plan for a birthday party.

  • You should start planning for the birthday party at least a few weeks to a month to allow for more time.
  • Get the involvement from the celebrant’s family members and friends in the planning process, and delegate some tasks to them.
  • Make reservations for the venue if you plan on holding the party someplace else other than the celebrant’s house.
  • If the venue doesn’t offer food, then contact catering services or food companies to provide the food for the party.
  • Send out birthday invitations.
  • Have fun!

For templates on formal parties, you may want to check out our collection of Formal Party Invitations.

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