When someone gets married, it’s a thoughtful display to wish them well. If you know someone who’s going to be a bride soon, then help her feel a whole lot better as well as quite a bit more excited about the upcoming wedding. Why don’t you gather all her friends and family together to celebrate a bridal shower?

And—guess what?—you can do just that with these 12+ Bridal Shower Invitations on this list that we have prepared just for you. Feel free to pick whatever invitation card design you think would be the perfect giveaway for just such an event.

Digital DIY Bridal Shower Invitation

diy bridal party invitation

Floral Invitation for Bridal Shower

floral bridal shower party invitation

Vector Bridal Shower Invitation

vector bridal shower party invitation

Rustic Bridal Shower

rustic bridal shower party invitation

Animated Bridal Shower

animated bridal shower party invitation

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation

vintage bridal shower party invitation

Tribal Bridal Shower Party

tribal bridal shower party invitation


How To Style Your Bridal Shower Invitation

The invitations offered to you on this list can easily be customized for your convenience. You can add whatever design you wish with the bridal shower invite you pick. This will help make your invitation much more unique and personal. Also, consider the following when you’re making a bridal shower invite.

  • Style – You can now decorate your bridal shower with a certain style. Water color or tribal, the choice is yours. There are many other choices for you to choose from.
  • Theme – If the bridal shower is going to adopt a specific theme, such as a pool party or a tea party for the event, you can pick a bridal shower invitation from this list that perfectly represents the theme for the bridal shower you are hosting.
  • Content – Important information is important. Make sure your guests in attendance are never confused as to where the bridal shower is going to be held by providing all the necessary information. Don’t forget to include any detail about what the guests should wear and if they should bring anything.

Invitations are a great thing to give out in order to coerce people into coming to your party. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for more invitations for a different kind of event that can also be designed by yourself, take a look at these Retirement Invitation Templates for yourself.

Invitation for Bridal Shower

bridal shower party invitation

Watercolor Bridal Shower

watercolor bridal shower party invitation

Bridal Shower Pool Party Invitation

bridal shower pool party invitation

Bridal Shower Tea Party

bridal shower tea party invitation

Invitation Template for Bridal Shower Party

bridal shower party invitation template

Free Invitation for Bridal Shower Party

free bridal shower party invitation


Why You Should Use These Bridal Shower Invitations

These invitation designs can really make it easy for you to prepare your guests for the event.

  • Invitations in general, not just for bridal showers, can help convince guests to come to any party or event depending on the style. A plain and boring invitation can make people think that the event isn’t all that much and isn’t worth putting in the extra effort. So why should they bother attending if it’s not going to be fun for them? At best, they’ll just think of an excuse as to why they cannot attend.
  • You can help your guests become much more excited through the use of these designs. These bridal shower invitations can help a bride’s friends and family wish her well for her future marriage. What better way to get rid of the wedding jitters than to be given encouragement by friends and loved ones?

So, what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you learn more about bridal shower invitation designs, and why they can help you. Speaking of which, there are so many other invitation templates out there that you can use for yourself. Interested in more? Check out these Mickey Mouse Invitation Templates for your child’s party.

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