Being a bride-to-be is not all rainbows and butterflies just like how others think. There are tons of things to prepare for that often makes the incoming bride worry.

Throw a celebratory occasion in honor of her stepping into married life with a bashful bridal shower. Conspire with people to prepare a wonderful surprise without giving the bride a hint. Look for creative bridal shower invitations to customize and get your work done without much effort.

Getting started with a bridal shower invitation is easy when you have an invitation template to start with. Why spend too much time designing from scratch when you can just download and edit? These designs come in different forms to meet the theme that you are aiming for. Make a bride happy a few days before her big day with a surprise bridal shower that started with a cute invitation design that you made out of the templates.

Printable Bridal Shower Invitation

Watercolor Bridal Shower Invitation

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Lavenders make a good accent to the white background of this invitation design. They are no ordinary lavenders, however. They were painted using watercolor but instead of brush strokes, you will notice that it looked like it was just dabbed lightly. To highlight the occasion, the words “Bachelorette Party” are in the shade of teal and written in script form. Meanwhile, the rest of the wordings are in serif with the name of the bride in a lilac shade while the rest are in black. You will find similar designs in some templates of invitation flyers.

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation

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This vintage design itself is kept purely neutral. The background is in the shade of walnut that has a mixed border of straight lines and ornaments that are both in latte shade. At first glance, the invitation looks neat and pleasing. All the texts are justified at the center with font types that are in serif and script. What stands out most is the name of the bride that looks like it was written using chalk followed by the words “bridal shower” that look beautiful in calligraphy style.

Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

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The top most style used in bridal showers and weddings in general if the theme is floral. When you look at sample invitations, you will see a lot of this pattern. In this invitation, you will see that the background is kept in plain white and another layer of pink polka dots is situated at the center. At the top center are watercolor-painted flowers with three branches of leaves. Unlike other floral designs, the word “bridal” is in serif  and only the word “shower” is in script and both are enclosed in a light elegant frame.

Free Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Elegant Bridal Shower Invitation Template

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Elegance does not always go side by side with cost. This elegant invitation has two sides. On one side is a plain white background with a centerpiece that holds the words “bridal shower.” The other details are at the top and bottom of the invitation and are minimalist, too. It doesn’t use too many accents and elements. Meanwhile, on the other side of the card is a dark background with pink foliage all over it. At the center is a circle with black inside border and script style text of the soon-to-be bride’s name.

Cute Bridal Shower Invitation Template

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You will mostly see light colors on bridal shower invitations and wedding invitations but, this design is not just like any other. This has a dark background with different shades of pink used on the text. Aside from the different shades, the text styles are different too. The words “bridal shower” and the name of the bride is in script while the rest of the texts are in sans serif and serif. Aside from those, other decorations are very minimal too.

Striped Bridal Shower Invitation Template

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Stripes can be used for any occasion and this time it is used in a bridal shower invitation. Big stripes are in the background while at the center is a plain white rounded rectangle that has a golden border. The name of the event and the bride are in the same shade of gold as the border, while the rest of the texts are written in the same shade of the darker stripe. A simple flower with four leaves beneath it is layered on the top center that seals the blissful look of this invitation.

Downloadable Bridal Shower Party Invitations

Hand-Drawn Bridal Shower Party Invitation

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The common trend nowadays are hand-drawn designs on invitations for any occasion. They are not actually hand-drawn but they are created in a way that it looks like it was. For this invitation, you have a light pink background with an outline of a wedding gown that occupies most of the space. You will see that the name of the event is larger in font size than the name of the bride. Apart from that, flowers are neatly placed by the right corner of the dress to give this invitation design a better look.

Retro Bridal Shower Party Invitation

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Who doesn’t love a good retro design? The common instinct of people when they hear the word retro is that the design is closer to trends from the previous decade. But, that doesn’t apply all the time.

For instance, in this invitation, most of the background is just white and only the bottom part is dark. You will also notice the sky blue flowers by the side. Furthermore, the texts are a combination of both script and serif that are in medium to large font size. On the other side of the card is the sky blue background with a small black wavy design at the bottom and a large wreath of flower at the center.

Polka Dots Bridal Shower Party Invitation



Bridal shower invitations can be in polka dots too. This design is kept simple with a plain white background and a circular shape at the center which looks like it was painted with a brush. Inside the circle is a border made of hand-drawn leaves that are in white that encloses the words “bridal shower.” The color of the polka dots are in different shades of tan which also has a variety of sizes for every dot. This design is perfect for a casual yet intimate bridal shower party and for any event invitation in general.


There are numerous ways on how you can customize your invitations for bridal showers parties. You don’t necessarily have to change everything to customize your designs. An aspect as simple as changing colors or adding more texts is enough to make a difference. These invitations can be placed in envelopes or can be sent digitally instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your designs today and see what you can use to make a bride more excited for her wedding day. Check out this collection of designs again to get started in your search.

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