In the business industry to grow and make a profit, companies would need to make their presence known to the general public. One of the common ways for businesses to promote their identity and what they do is through flyers. And for your convenience, we have Business Flyer Templates that you can use for that purpose.

You have all the access on the templates that we have on our website, and these templates come in different formats. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, we strongly recommend that you download the PSD flyers templates for full compatibility and for easier editing. Continue reading on for more information about business-related flyers.

Business Flyer Templates

Corporate Business Flyer in PSD

corporate business flyer psd



Clean Business Flyer in PSD

clean business flyer



Modern Business Flyer Template

modern business flyer template



Abstract Business Flyer Template

abstract business flyer template



What Are Flyer Templates?

Before providing you with a definition of a flyer template, we should first start by describing what a flyer is. A flyer is an advertising tool that contains information about a company, an organization, or an event. It is used by businesses and organizations to promote whatever is written on the flyer, and is usually distributed to the public either personally by hand, or by leaving it in locations that can easily be accessed by people.

For flyer templates, these are the templates used by graphic artists in businesses or organizations to help them create flyers in the most convenient way possible. With flyer templates, you won’t need to make flyers from total scratch, saving you all the time and effort. These templates already contain most of the design, and have blank fields where you can input all the necessary details.

On  our website, we have a lot of business flyer designs you can choose from. Pick out the template that works best for you, and simply make the necessary edits to make your flyer presentable enough to effectively promote your business.

We also have advertising flyer templates that you can freely use to make your own flyers intended for advertising purposes. Whether you are advertising your products or services, these flyer templates are definitely for you. Feel free to check out the Free Downloadable Flyers that we have on our site.

Cleaning Business Flyer Templates

Cleaning Service Flyer

green cleaning service flyer



Carpet Cleaning Service Flyer

carpet cleaning service flyer



Professional Cleaning Business

professional cleaning business flyer



Automotive Business Flyer Templates

Premium Flyer for Automotive Business

premium automotive business flyer



Flyer for Auto Repair Business

auto repair business flyer



Automotive Business Horizontal Flyer

automotive business horizontal flyer



In the Business of Making Flyers

The process of making business flyers may be stressful when you think about it. You need to worry about how you can make your flyer as effective as possible to be able to attract the attention of the people. You need to make sure that your flyer will be eye-catching, as well as informative enough to provide information to people and convert them from prospects to actual clients. Aside from the templates that we are offering, here are some simple steps on how to make you own business flyer to make it easier for you:

  • Identify the purpose of your flyer. What are you trying to advertise or promote? Is it an event? A new product? Or are you trying to promote your business itself? Make sure you know the reason why you are making a flyer to guide you on how to make it.
  • Make a rough sketch of your flyer. Though this may take a bit more time than designing your flyer directly onto the computer, this is less of a hassle and can actually make things easier in the long run. Making a design using pencil and paper is easy to alter and you can even write notes regarding the design. You can always check out our collection of Downloadable Flyers for reference.
  • Proceed to the computer. Apply your sketched flyer design onto the computer. Now that you already have an idea on what elements to include in your flyer, the process of digitizing the design will now become smoother and faster, though there may be a chance wherein the digital version of your design will be different from your sketched version.
  • Print your flyers. Once you have finalized your flyer design, you can now proceed to printing it on high quality paper. If your printer is capable of printing in high resolution, then you can do the printing at the convenience of your home or in your office. Otherwise, you can always have your flyers printed by print shops.

Construction Business Flyer Templates

A4 Size Construction Business Flyer

a4 size construction business flyer



Multipurpose Construction Business

multipurpose construction business flyer



Creative Flyer for Construction Business

creative construction business flyer



Elegant Construction Business Flyer

elegant construction business flyer



Electrical Business Flyer Templates

Commercial Electrician Flyer

commercial electrician flyer



Electrical Services Flyer

electrical services flyer



Professional Electrical Business Flyer

professional electrical business flyer



Business Event Flyer Templates

Special Business Event Flyer

special business event flyer



Multi-Purpose Business Event Flyer

multi purpose business event flyer



Corporate Business Event Flyer

corporate business event flyer



Make Your Flyers Fly

The distribution of flyers has been practiced since the 1800’s and is still considered as one of the most effective advertising methods, which is why many businesses and organizations today still use them even with the advancements in technology.

  • Make a flyer design that is easily noticeable by the people. The more attractive your flyer design is, the more people will be drawn to getting a copy, which is already halfway to getting your message across.
  • Don’t just give copies of the flyer to people, reach out to them and provide them with an idea on what the flyer is about so even before it reaches their hands, they will already have little information about what they are accepting from you.
  • Don’t just pick out random location on where you will be distributing your flyers, plan it well. Look for places wherein a lot of people will pass by, such as malls, train stations, or bus stops.
  • Smile and show sincerity in what you are doing. People will find out whether you are determined about your cause or you are simply doing it because it is your job. If people can see your determination, they will also be motivated to accept what you are giving them.

For more business-related flyer templates, you may check out our collection of Business Flyer Designs.


Business Advertising Flyer Templates

Business Advertising Flyer in PSD

business magazine advertising flyer



Flexible Business Advertising Flyer

flexible business advertising flyer



Creative Business Advertising Flyer

creative business advertising flyer



Real Estate Business Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template

house for sale real estate flyer template



Photography Business Flyer Templates

Simple Photographer Flyer Template

simple photographer flyer template



Modern Photography Studio Flyer

modern photography studio flyer



Salon Business Flyer Templates

Flyer for Fitness Salon Business

fitness salon business flyer



Beauty Salon Business Flyer

beauty salon business flyer



Spa Beauty Flyer Template

spa beauty flyer template



Additional Tips!

  • Keep the design of your flyer simple and not over-the-top.  There should be a balance between the images and texts with the white space. This way, not only will it make the flyer more appealing, but it can also make it easier to read.
  • Don’t use low-quality materials. If you want to look professional and be taken seriously by the public, then you should invest on high quality paper and printer toner. The appearance of your flyer may be serve as the public’s initial impression of your company.
  • Include testimonials or feedback from past customers about your reputation as well as the impact you have made on other people with your products and services. The more testimonials, the higher the chance that the reader will trust you. But limit them to around three to avoid overcrowding.
  • Don’t forget to put your name and your contact details clearly, as well as a call to action. Make it convenient for the reader to find your information so they can contact you as easily as possible.
  • Always proofread for any mistakes in spelling and grammar. The slightest error may cost you a chance of having new clients, because it could signify that your business is unprofessional.

For even more flyer templates to choose from, go ahead and check out our collection of Flyer Designs.

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