All businesses need clients to keep going. That being said, promotional methods should be revolutionized from social media to printed flyer designs to make sure that you draw more attention towards your business. You can find ready-to-print templates online that you can download and customize to your liking.

You can handed out flyers in public or you can send soft copies to bulk recipients for faster and more cost-effective production. These flyers will help you broaden the target audience you plan to reach with your marketing campaign. You get to advertise your products and, at the same time, introduce a few details about what you do.

Cleaning Business Flyers

Professional Cleaning

professional and cleaning business flyer

Sample Cleaning

sample cleaning business flyer

Cleaning Service

cleaning service business flyer

Eco Cleaning Service

eco cleaning business flyer

Professional Business Flyers

Professional Flyer

professional business three fold flyer

Professional Vector

vector professional business flyer

Absolute Professional Flyer

absolute professional business flyer

Corporate Professional

professional corporate business flyer

Small Business Flyers

Small Consulting

printable small business flyer

Small Advertising

small business advertising flyer

Small Marketing

small business marketing flyer

What Is the Difference between Flyers and Brochures?

Although they can be roughly considered alike, there are still differences between flyers and brochures. You need to know what these are to make sure that what you are making is actually a flyer and not a brochure or vice versa. Also, take note of the different parts of the flyers and the brochures to avoid forgetting anything that should be added to the marketing material.

To help, below is a short guide that lists the difference between flyers and brochures. Familiarize everything and get going with your project.

  • Size – Flyers are usually printed on a letter-sized paper, bigger than brochures that are mostly half that size. However, there are brochures still that are printed in bigger sizes and flyers printed in smaller sizes. Aside from the length, brochures are thicker than flyer templates that you can see around. Because of that, brochures would cost you more. Consider what you want to put on your marketing material to assess if has enough space to be accommodated on the size of the paper.
  • Content – Flyers are more concise than brochures. Mostly, flyer contents are one-liners since the space in event flyer designs are very limited. Whereas in brochures, you can place page after page of written information. In fact, you can dedicate one page in a brochure for a single product alone. You can expand the features, specifications, and other must-knows of a product or service with a brochure. Also, flyers only have contents on one side of the paper. This is because, most of the time, a flyer is posted on walls or bulletin boards. If you are planning on explaining everything about your product on the marketing material, opt for brochures. But, if you want a simple paper to encourage or persuade clients, flyers in PSD are ideal.
  • Printing Technique – This more of what type of ink is used on flyers and on the brochures. Usually, flyers are kept in black and white because it costs less. There are, however, others that are printed on colored sheets to keep them attractive. However, brochures cannot be that way. They have to be printed using colored ink and may be in black and white if the original design itself is actually in those tints. Also, most party flyer templates are either printed in a soft or hard paper while brochures are on glossy magazine-like paper. Sadly, this will be more expensive compared to the bundles of flyers you can print with a lower substance paper.
  • Distribution – A flyer is commonly handed out to the public randomly. For one, during a store’s opening, flyers are given to anyone close by to invite them to visit the place. This is also the same during promotional sales. Flyers are distributed to attract more customers. Meanwhile, a brochure is more specific with the targeted recipients. Most of the time, brochures are given during symposiums, events, and in special meetings.

Business Advertising Flyers

Business Campaign

business campaign advertising flyer

Corporate Advertising

corporate business advertising flyer

Business Event Flyers

Multipurpose Business Flyer

multipurpose business event flyer

Professional Training

free business event flyer

Business Seminar

seminar business event flyer

Business Conference

business conference event flyer

Real Estate Business Flyers

Luxury Real Estate Flyer

luxury real estate flyer

Commercial Real Estate Flyer

commercial real estate flyer

House for Sale Flyer

house for sale real estate flyer

 How to Make a Business Flyer?

The idea of making a flyer seems easy. But, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to make sure that your output is substantial enough for a corporate flyer. You need to follow the standards that are imposed for the better outcome of your layout. These guidelines are valuable to keep in mind. Avoid committing common errors to make sure that your flyers are at their best. Read the following tips you should take note of and remember them the next time you make flyers regardless if you are making it from scratch or you are using a flyer maker software for it.

  • Tell Readers Who You Are – This is your chance to inform potential clients about your company or business. But, do not overwhelm them with crowded texts. Doing so would only result for them to skip reading what you are writing. Instead, make concise contents that are rich in detail rather than senseless words. Do not be flowery but instead be straightforward on what you are trying to say. Beating around the bush will lengthen your text and it is not ideal for any flyer.
  • Sight Benefits of Working With You – Layout to them the kinds of services and products you have. You don’t need to break down every feature of that product or service. Write at least one unique feature to give them a brief information on what it is about. Also, do not forget to write about the price and your contact number. They can reach out to you in case they have inquiries in mind and at the same time, they can talk to you further about the contents of your flyer. You can also use graphics relating to your service. You can find that in common flyer design templates.
  • State Offers and Promos – Human nature is always up for a good promotion. Whether it is a 5% discount or a buy 3 for 1 promo, the attention of people will always be caught once they see those. Use your flyers to inform clients if you have any of these sales so they would actually keep your flyer. Aside from that, you should also state any terms and conditions for your promo to make sure that they actually understand how they can avail themselves of the service. Be honest on your written texts but use your marketing skills still to encourage clients to push through with the transaction.

Construction Business Flyers

Construction Company

a4 construction business flyer

Reliable Construction

construction company flyer

Salon Business Flyers

Custom Hair Salon

hair salon business flyer

Free Beauty Salon

free salon business flyer

Posh Beauty Salon

beauty salon business flyer1

Printable Beauty Salon

beauty salon business promotion flyer

Electrical Business Flyers

Electrician Flyer Template

electrician flyer template

Commercial Electrician Flyer

commercial electrician flyer1

Electrical Services Flyer

electrical services flyer1

Photography Business Flyers

Corporate Photography

simple photography business flyer

Modern Photography Studio

modern photography studio flyer1

Perfect Tips to Remember When Designing a Business Flyer

Sometimes when you design something, it gets a little too overwhelming. That is why you have guidelines to keep you grounded. In order to make your flyer professional-looking, you need to check the quality of every portion of your flyer. From the content to the design, you have to be able to clear everything of any flaw. Here is a short list of important points to check to make sure everything is in its place before you start printing your flyer design templates.

  • Use Concise Information – Do not bombard your readers with too much information in your business flyer designs. Be selective in what you write and have it reviewed by a professional copywriter to make sure that there are no grammatical errors of some sort and the quality of the content is at its maximum. Summarize your product or service details and ideally, you use bullet points so readers can easily see what they should be aware of. Another way is to use subheadings instead when pointing out highlights of the product or service.
  • Prioritize Clarity Over Design – Choose a layout that will put emphasis on the text rather than design alone. This is important because a good design will not suffice. You need to balance both and to do that, you need to plan out how where you want to put your illustrations and texts. Also, clearer texts are important because you want your flyer design to be informative rather than just a piece of artwork. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the appearance of your flyers as well. Remember that readers won’t be drawn into reading if the material is boring. You need something that is eye-catchy and with high-grade texts to read.
  • Follow Proper Spacing. Space in flyers is important for both personal or business flyers. Tight texts make it harder to read and it changes the appearance of the flyers. Since you want to focus on clarity, you would need to have good spaces in between texts to make sure that each word is clear enough to be read. Adjust the position of the texts in between images too. Check the proportion of all the content to make everything well-balanced. Also, check the font size of your words. You can adjust the headings and other large fonts to accommodate all the content that you need to include in your flyer.
  • Choose Appropriate Theme. Even business flyers can have themes. However, you need to pick those tht ar appropriate to use for business and the event or cause behind your flyers. For formal events, select something minimal and avoid loud colors. If you want to be creative with not so formal flyers you can also do so. Selecting the right theme for your flyers will make it even better. You don’t want investors, clients, and other business personel having a bad impression of you because of your flyer.

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