Android devices have a metric ton of uses that range of ridiculously simple to absurdly complex. One of the more simple uses for an Android device is to use it as a calculator and this is one of the better uses.

There are even many kinds of calculators. Here are the best Android calculator apps Top 5 Calculator Apps for Android

1. Algeo Graphing Calculator

algeo graphing calculator

Algeo Graphing Calculator is a very solid option for casual use and academic use. It has a simple interface which makes basic calculations a breeze and digging into the app a little bit reveals some more complicated functions that every student likely needs for their trigonometry class or algebra class.

Key Features

  • Symbolic Differentiation.
  • Definite Integrals.
  • Solves equations.
  • Radians and degree support.

2. Andie Graph

andie graph

Andie Graph isn’t a calculator on the face of it. It’s actually a TI-series emulator that lets you run TI-series ROMs. It’s possible to have an actual TI calculator on your device. It’s a little complicated but once you get it done, you can keep your bulky calculator in the desk drawer and just use your phone.

Key Features

  • TI-8X series work great as standalone calculators, showing 8 lines of history, using standard mathematical notation.
  • TI-82 series designed for algebra and trigonometry. Graph and compare functions, perform variable substitution, and solve single variable equations.
  • The TI-83 is designed for statistics and trigonometry. Graph and compare functions, and perform data plotting and analysis and many more series.

3. CALCU Stylish Calculator Free

calcu stylish calculator free

Calcu is a calculator app that focuses more on style than functionality. It has the basic stuff with some extra functions thrown in like calcus and physics.

Key Features

  • Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture based control and navigation.
  • See instant results of calculations as you enter them.
  • Choose from a range of 12 stylish themes.

4. Calculator ++

calculator 1 1

Calculator++ is a scientific/graphing calculator option with a lot of unique features. Along with the basic stuff, you get a dedicated copy/paste button, support for Android 1.6 and up, a widget, and more. It’s great for the basics and some light computations in the more complex mathematics.

Key Features

  • Access additional features from the main screen of the app using gestures.
  • No need to press “=” anymore – result is calculated automatically and it Copy/paste’s with a single button press.
  • Calculator++ can work in a separate window floating over other applications on your phone.

5. Financial Calculators

financial calculators

Financial Calculators are a set of calculators to help with calculations in and around finance. It contains things like a credit card payoff calculator, APR calculator, loan calculator, currency converter, stocks and bonds calculators, and much more. It’s also totally free.

Key Features

  • Finance and Investment Calculators, Stock Calculators, Credit Card Calculators.
  • Loan / Mortgage Calculators, auto loan and lease calculator
  • Retirement Calculators and miscellaneous calculators. Also, user can send the calculation results to others via Email. Financial Professionals can email the quote to their clients.

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