Calendar software tools can serve both professional as well personal purposes quite effectively. They offer a nice way to schedule and reschedule events according to date and time while securing it in digital format. A good calendar software tool will offer the best way to notify you regarding the time, place, and date of event. The introduction of cloud technology has made such tools more easily accessible with some simple clicks. Most of the calendar making software tools can be easily synchronized with the email account and contact list. They can be accessed from anywhere through that particular email account.

While there are several such calendar software tools available, it can create some confusion to pick the best ones available. Depending on surveys and software handling experience, we have listed top 7 desktop calendar software tools available presently.



The name may feel awkward slightly, but this is definitely one of the most awesome and effective desktop calendar software for Windows 7. It will set up reminders, tasks, alarms, and event dates. It offers the feature to import data from Outlook’s Calendar. It works perfectly with any platform, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac.


  • Standard iCalendar Format Data
  • Easy Sharing through Online
  • Easy to Customize
  • Wide range of Languages

You can enjoy Rainlendar free calendar software download by clicking the link.

2. Desktop iCalendar Lite


This is a nice and handy calendar widget for PCs. They feature both free as well pro versions. The presence of System Tray icon allows the user to access all the features through it.


  • To Do list
  • Add Reminders
  • Easy sync of personal Google calendar
  • Customizing the appearance

3. WinCalendar


This is a high utility calendar maker software tool. Using this tool, developing printable calendars for both excel and word takes only a few minutes.


  • Easy customization (dimension and features)
  • Selected dates can be copied to the clipboard
  • Easy and smooth scrolling through perpetual calendar
  • Maintaining appointment list

4. Google Calendar


Probably the oldest, trusted, and best web calendar available for desktops and PCs, this desktop calendar software tool allows easy managing of multiple calendars while sharing them over the cloud without any difficulty.


  • Extremely easy to operate
  • GCal feature to share calendars with other
  • Sending invitations for events
  • Works offline with Google Chrome

5. Fruux


Frux is a simple yet effective calendar software tool that makes task management easy. It is a perfect choice for small businesses and tech-minded startups.


  • Secure data backup
  • Excellent API
  • Support for 24h as well 12h time format
  • Easy filtering

6. Sunrise Calendar


This calendar offers a great alternative to Google calendars for those who seek multi-device user options. Shuffling between appointments and tasks become easier with the Drag-n-Drop Functionality.


  • Cross Browser independent
  • Simple interface layout
  • Lag free experience when integrating with social media

7. Thunderbird + Lightning


Thunderbird may well be a popular Windows email client but when Lightning Plugin gets included, a highly utility desktop calendar software tool is formed.


  • Read messages
  • Remain on top of the Appointments tag
  • Import/Export feature

8. Calendar Creator

calendarcreator 1

9. Vuminder


10. Efficient Calendar

efficient calendar

11. Calendarscope


12 King Stairs Calendar

king stairs calendar

13. Calme


14. SetMore


There are numerous calendar software applications available. We have tried to include 7 of the most convincing and effective desktop calendar software applications compatible with Windows.

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