CRM and VOIP call center software for ensuring maximum business productivity

Call center software tools have nowadays become essential parts of BPO’s and many outsourcing companies. A call center software system simply lets an organization run a call center. Different companies sell different call center products with call center software free download in accordance with the requirement of the organization.

One of the commonly used software is ACD (automatic call distributor) that mainly uses caller ID, but generally, the call center software features with an interactive response of the voice would be sufficient for letting the system know the reason.

1. Talkdesk


Talkdesk is one of the most advanced call center solution for organizations and its benefits are immense. With advanced routing feature agents won’t need to transfer their callers. Workflow automation increases the efficiency of agents by reducing average handling time. Your team simply gets its maximum potential with customized reporting and features for monitoring calls.

2. Incontact


Managing different tasks becomes simple with inContact cloud software for call centers. With the provided features contact centers can efficiently manage different customer relationships, survey customers, analyze reports for bringing improvements, and optimize employee schedules and much more. Some vital features of the software are interactive voice response (IVR), blended predictive dialer and CRM integrations.

3. Freshdesk


Freshdesk customer support software is a vital tool that provides organizations with essential features for customer satisfaction. Teamwork remains well balanced with Freshdesk as tasks can be categorized and assigned accordingly. The powerful software marks productivity with essential features like organized ticketing, self-service features, multi-channel support, security and a feedback widget for for smart suggestions.

4. Ameyo


Ameyo software solutions come with world class features for facilitating productivity in call center organizations. Ameyo contact center software is highly responsive with a facilitation of effective support request management and transparency through live support. Smooth integration is possible with third party applications that accommodate alterations according to the needs of the clients.

5. Bitrix 24

bitrix 24

One of the most popularly used software for a call center is Bitrix 24. The cloud version lets you call and receive phone calls quickly. The software comes with various handy features like free inbound calls and cheap pricing for outbound calling. Bitrix 24 solutions work globally and integrate free CRM features.

6. Vocalcom


Vocalcom is one of the most preferred software tools to get flexibility and productivity in call center organizations. Some essential features employed by Vocalcom are Skills-based routing that ensures customers are directed in the proper queue. Additionally, advanced voice interaction (IVR) helps in cost reduction, automation of routine inquiries and improvement in customer service.

7. SimplyCT

simplyct outbound call center

With simplyCT your business communication gets efficiently spread across different communication channels like social media, phone, email and chat. Many features are associated with SimplyCT, to name a few we’ve got skill routing, multi-lines autodial, performance checker for campaigns, mixed multimedia queues, agent multi-tasking and unified agent user interface for different channels.

8. Bridgei2p


Bridgei2p ensures that best in class software solutions are provided to call center organizations with powerful support. Irrespective of the medium, the software lets you automatically manage to integrate, capture, route and repot on inbound and outbound calls. Some essential features you get are call volume flatten peaks, skill based and queue routing.

9. Bright Pattern

bright pattern

Call centers can notably increase agent efficiency and reap beneficial outputs with Bright Pattern cloud program. The software features are internet-based, HTML5, that facilitates smooth UI and doesn’t require Flash or Java plugin. With blended omni-linked engagement communication with customers becomes much simpler. At any time agents and customers can switch to their preferred channels.

What is call center Software?

A great increase in demand for call center software is noted with the increase in call centers. Call center software is specifically customized for providing features like reduction of hold time, management of interactions and providing customer communication assistance. Most call center applications have integration with CRM and VOIP software.
With the call center software system different companies and organizations are simply able to operate call centers. There are a number of factors to keep in mind while making the selection of the appropriate software system that lets organizations and companies to efficiently operate call centers.

Professional VoIP software provides a number of calling facilities to organizations like call recording and voicemail system. A number of call center software tools are available to download free on the internet that produces maximum efficiency.

There are many types of call center software such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Predictive Dialer, Call Analytics, Call Accounting, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Installation process for call center software

Mainly there are two different installation processes present for running call center software open source on your system. Either you can try the form of compact disc or download the installation file that you can get on publisher’s site or through the application vendor. The software installation might vary with the overall set of instructions mainly depending on operating system. The installation produce can be easily understood after going through installation manual that helps in simple and comfortable installation.

Depending on the software program you select, instructions are provided for all steps in addition to screenshot images to make the process simple. Additionally, 24×7 assistance is available for installation.

Additional features and advantages of Call center software

Call center software for small business would be a crucial investment for determining the overall success of all businesses. In present day scenario where competition among companies has been at a global level with the growth of internet, these applications are vital for overall maintenance and monitoring of daily activities. These also help in planning different set of tasks such as roadmap design and resource allocations.

Call center software application that is customized in the way of company’s work style would prove beneficial to the upper management and shareholders. In a company’s lower level management, the automated software solutions for appropriate solutions would maximize effectiveness and provide ease of work to managers and agents.

From the perspective of future growth the call center software also provides MIS reports that are required for keeping checks on current customer trends. Call center software comparison also helps companies to learn customer requirements, so that they are able to work in accordance for covering gaps and acquiring large market shares.

Free Windows call center software

10. RingCentral


RingCentral for Windows offers your organization with the most flexible platform for communications that simply adapts well with your business requirements. You can simply set up, access and manage business phone systems through the internet. RingCentral is a smart and secure solution for delivering quality text, voice, fax and business conferencing.

Free Android call center software

11. PrimoDialler


PrimoDialler for Android is a one stop application for Cloud Contact Centre that provides the user with seamless features of VOIP dial system. Regardless of the size, type and design of the business PrimoDialler works well for all business types. Some essential features of the software are call-recording, call logging, progressive dialer, voice recognition and escalation management.

Free Mac calls center software

12. Connect First

connect first

Connect First for Mac is Award winning cloud contact software that mainly lays emphasis on elegant hosted solutions and customer satisfaction. The connect first provides robust platforms that are supported and designed by teams of highly experienced designers, engineers and business analyst that is mainly supported through highly personalized customer support.

Other popular call center software tools

For different platforms users can a number of renowned call center software applications that help in boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. Some most popular multi-platform cloud calling applications are ICTBroadcast, Centcom, Livecall, Hosted Predictive Dialer, Lunar CRM and neXorce. All these VOIP and CRM tools are developed to match the needs of developing call center organizations.

Most popularly used call center software for 2016


desk is the most popularly used software that has been employed by many thousands of business owners. The main aim behind development of customer support tool was to provide mission to small and mid-size organizations for accessing same quality customer support tools as other competitors. Customers are also encouraged to discover different solutions would the need to contact agents.

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