Call recording is gaining its importance to maintain quality of conversations and to handle any disputes against the company due to misunderstanding of the communication. There are a many call recording software are available. One can search Google using “call recording software free download” and find software suitable for their use.

Let us have a look at some of the call recording software and their features:

1. Auto Call Recorder

auto call recorder

This is one of the excellent phone recorder software. It comes with a trail version and its main features are:

  • It allows recording or ignoring specific calls
  • Its Dropbox allows saving calls and synchronize with cloud
  • It allows changing the destination recording folder to an external device
  • It allows setting the size of the inbox
  • It helps to manager Android phone calls

2. Another call recorder

another call recorder

This is free call recorder software and considered as one of the best call recorders. Its main features are:

  • It has manual or auto call recording facility
  • It has password protection of recordings
  • It has auto deleting of old records feature
  • It has different recording modes like by number, contact and non-contact

3. VRS Call Recording System

vrs call recording system

This is professional call recording software which can be used on multiple phone lines simultaneously. It comes for a price and its main features are:

  • It can record phone calls up to 64 lines simultaneously
  • It allows activating call logging
  • It has option to play a default or customized recording starting message

4. Galaxy Call Recorder

galaxy call recorder

This is very simple to use software to record phone calls. It is a freeware and its main features are:

  • It has ability to use manual and automatic recording modes
  • It disables recording when headphones or external device is connected
  • It marks the records as important and highlights them
  • It allows deleting call records in bulk

5. Best CallRecorder

best callrecorder

This is complete and elaborate tool to store phone conversations. It comes with trial version and its main features are:

  • It allows creating rules to indicate recordings
  • It shows details like contact, the date and time of calling for all recorded conversations
  • It is easy to use and using menu one can manage all the recordings quickly

6. AbcRecorder


This is free call recording software for nokia and its main features are:

  • It can record phone calls automatically or manually
  • It allows saving conversations at one’s choice
  • It is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use
  • It is considered more powerful than many paid call recording software
  • It supports many languages like English, Spanish etc.

7. Automatic Call Recorder

automatic call recorder

This software records incoming and outgoing phone calls. It is a freeware and its main features are:

  • It works automatically without pressing any button and records the conversation the moment it is started
  • It allows sending recordings through email or sms
  • It allows saving the recordings on the memory card

8. VERSADIAL Call Recording Software

versadial call recording software

This is one of the most advanced call recording software. It is available for price and its main features are:

  • It allows phone call recording on multiple lines
  • It allows to extracts parts of recorded conversations
  • It facilitates custom permission settings
  • It provides comprehensive call reports
  • It allows making parts of call into silent mode

9. Free Call Recording Software System – ASLogger Express Edition

free call recording software system aslogger express edition

This is easy-to-use call recording software. It is a freeware and its main features are:

  • It is very easy to configure
  • It has customizable solutions for inbound and outbound calls
  • It has facility to record multiple line calls
  • It has browser-based solution to access recordings and live calls with ease

Benefits of Call Recording Software

Phone call recording is gaining prominence primarily to maintain its service quality. It is no doubt that call recording software is a fast growing business opportunity for software vendors. Recording conversation can easily resolve disputes that arise between a customer and a company during their conversations. In this way it saves the company from facing law suits. Many governments have made call recording compulsory for the business purpose and by installing call recording software one can make stay regulation compliant.
Importance of call recording software

The call recording software which records human voice helps in storing the details of customer like address and other relevant details required for ecommerce websites automatically without typing them. With this system in place a business can avoid or minimize personal calls of its employees. Many companies are using this software to train its newly joined employees. The customer satisfaction opinions that are obtained at the end of calls will reflect the quality and perfectness of conversations. These opinions are judged for its honesty by comparing with conversations made.

How to find varieties of Call Recording Software?

To find specific variety of call recording software one can search Google for a particular brand or platform. To find call recording software for Samsung phones one can search Google using “call recording software for samsung mobile” or “call recording software for android samsung galaxy y”. One can find software for android phones by searching Google using “call recording software for android “or “call recording software for android mobile”. To find call recording software for iphone one can search Google using “call recording software for iphone” or “call recording software for iphone 6”.

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