Cartoon animation software programs can be sought out by seasoned animators as well as novices who want to simply cartoonify a friend’s selfie. Here we provide you with cartoon animation Software free download full version links for both Windows and MAC users.

The 2D cartoon animation software free downloads and just as popular as our 3D animation software links and also they are completely free.

1. Cartoon Maker 6.01

cartoon maker

This is an amazing sketch tool developed for all windows users who are looking towards creating fun sketches with free software. This is ideal for cartoonifying photos and images.

  • All popular image formats are supported including JPEG, TIFF and PNG.
  • The resultant images are small and can be printed or mailed.
  • Easy one-step distortion effects and twists to photos.
  • Easy sharing options to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Pencil


This vector drawing program for all windows users will allow you to make your own digital comics. The basic strategy is drawn from traditional hand-drawn techniques.

  • User friendly interface that allows addition of multiple effects.
  • Use the pencil tool to sketch out characters in Bitmap format.
  • Best software for those who own graphic tablets.
  • Contains a neatly organized, editable timeline.
  • Clear and customizable drawing interface, better than Flash.

3. Stykz 1.0.2


The best way to create basic animations, Stykz is the ultimate cartoon animation tool to create stick figure animations. Simply start doodling with stick figures and start by moving them around.

  • Get complete control over each and every frame.
  • Offers embedded players and support to review created characters and animations.
  • The created animations can be exported to several formats.
  • Save different stages of work and view progress on timeline.

4. Stickman 5.6


Stickman is an animation software which allows you to create amazing 2D animations using simple tools and techniques.

  • Includes a vast ready to use catalog of backgrounds and figures.
  • Most are available offline; gain complete access to online library.
  • Default example animation.
  • Includes speech bubble tool in Stickman, export of animation data, “new figure” and “new scene” options addition to menu.
  • Free video tutorials on how to create and animate stick figures.

5. Web Cartoon Maker

web cartoon maker

This is a unique program as it is one of the very few which uses C++ to create high quality cartoons and animation effects. You can include images, sounds and effects from library.

  • Online library has thousands of free images and sounds for all Web Cartoon Makers.
  • No requirement of programming knowledge to compile simple C++ scripts to create animations.
  • Free download, maximum download size is 6.5 Mb.
  • Compatible with Windows 7.

6. Crazy Talk Animator 2.14

crazy talk animator

Idealized for windows as well as MAC users; this is a free trial version of the Crazy Talk Animator.

  • Creates 2D animation with easy addition of motion and multiple animation effects.
  • You can combine images, videos and flash animations.
  • Contains complete tutorial and video help.
  • Powerful tools to add animation effects and morphing elements.
  • Easy to learn and create new animations using the Crazy Talk Animator 2.14.

7. Photo to Cartoon

photo to cartoon

Photo to Cartoon is a free tool that converts all your images to cartoon versions in JPEG formats.

  • Cartoonify your images in just a few clicks.
  • No requirement to learn new editing and morphing techniques.
  • Created cartoon images are ideal for websites as avatars, user photos; share the images on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Create your collection and gallery of Cartoons using the Photo to Cartoon software.

8. FaceMorpher Lite

facemorpher lite

FaceMorpher Lite can help you create videos which have a gradual transition effect. The results are fun and can be shared with friends and family via emails and web sharing.

  • Includes powerful face recognition features.
  • Frame count is flexible and frame rate too, the video speed is hence completely adjustable.
  • Smooth, seamless animation transition effects.
  • Useful for complex pictures (group photos or when most software programs do not recognize faces).

9. BodyPaint 3D

bodypaint 3d

Image editing software with easy 3D effect integration. Contains all the necessary tools to create 3D animation in one window.

  • Contain tools for editing colors, layers, animations, structures and materials.
  • Ideal for creating video game scenes, and cartoons; can be used by experts.
  • Main screen allows you to work directly in 3D instead of most other programs which allow you to work and edit in 2D only.
  • Extended rendering in Maya, Lightwave 3D, 3DS Max.

10. Alice


A complete package for dedicated animators, Alice is a software designed for Windows users. This can be easily used to create short animation films or for video game renderings.

  • Chose templates for your unique project from the welcome box of Alice interface,
  • 3 tabs contain the methods for display; Procedures, Functions and Properties.
  • Easy toggle between Scene and Code editors.
  • Spontaneous 3D editing environment for animation enthusiasts.
  • Uses Java JDK.

Use these easy and fun software programs for a complete animation experience. These free cartoon maker cum animation tools can be used to create gaming interfaces as well as small funny vines.

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