A lot of games can be played with your pet cat in your home. On the other hand, you can also play many games online by downloading them. You will just require choosing the best game to take pleasure in and have the fun.

Below are few cat games that you will see on the internet, You can download them to your computer and begin to play

1. Feed the cat

feed the cat 1

Feed the cat Is known as the most well-known game for many users. While playing this game, you must throw food and then see the results. In this game, You will only get power after you click left the side of your mouse. It is fun when you shoot the fish at the time when cat opens the mouth. Your points will increase when you hear your cat this will happen only by planning successfully. The game is very interesting and makes sure that the cat does not meow or else you will tend to loose the game.

  • Easy to play
  • Easily downloaded on PC or on Android phone
  • No added software needed

2. Sylvester under The Sea

sylvester under the sea

The player will have to move towards the sea if you are playing this game with the help of arrow keys. You will require getting hold of the fishes that you got until your air supply is on hand. When you are underwater, you have to keep yourself protected from the creatures that are dead such as jellyfish, snakes and sharks. furthermore, you will get an extra air supply outside the water by catching Tweety bird.

  • This game will not hang
  • This game is surely entertaining among the most excellent free game out there.
  • If you’re searching for exciting and easy game, you must surely try out this from Google play store
  • It is simple and easy to download

3. Combat cat

combat cats

The game is interesting because you have to hammer out all the bulldogs by throwing the cat. Make sure you play this game carefully as the cats are quite limited.

  • Combat Cats is a tile-matching game with exclusive combat features that add adventure and RPG elements.
  • Combat cat is different it is not like other brick matching game

4. Jitter Bug


Jitter Bug is a fun game you need to catch the bugs In Game mode, there are five fifteen-second rounds to catch as many bugs as possible. You can watch the cat scores. The best part is that your cat will enjoy the game as long as she loves the game.

  • The game differs from various types of game settings like shooting game, action game and arcade game.
  • Jitter Bug game is definitely a product of an creative brain that might give you pleasure and fun to people young and old
  • The game is available on Tablet or on your smartphone

5. Crazy Cat vs. Mouse 3D

crazy cat vs

6. Cat Survival Simulator

cat survival simulator

7. My Talking Angela

my talking angela

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