Are you worried about your kids’ activities on their cell phones? Have you tried and failed because of all the security measures that are present to thwart outside handling? There is no need to panic. Our list of phone tapping software will allow you to bypass phone securities and give you the power to monitor all activities.

Download these software, free for trial-use, available on the platforms of Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry and iOS.

1. phonesherrif – A Phone Tapping Software For All Major OS.


Download phonesherrif, software that allows you monitor all relevant details pertaining to the phone.

  • Monitor call-logs, texts, messenger and GPS to get an idea about all social activies
  • View photos that are on the cell phone, with a link to download
  • Monitor the sites visited on the internet via browser history
  • Get alerts whenever there is any tampering or any dismissed activities
  • Archive App allows you to backup all details and store it on your computer

2. mSpy – A Software With An Assemblage of Features


Check out mSpy if you want a cell phone tapping software with a rich range of features

  • View all incoming/outgoing calls with relevant details
  • Track all texts received or sent with date stamps and time
  • Track GPS location to see their current whereabouts, route history.
  • Control all installed applications and block/unblock unwanted app
  • Monitor all emails sent or received

3. FlexiSPY – A Cell Phone Tapping Software With Nice Interface


Use FlexiSPY if you want a software that can access any messenger

  • Bug a person’s room to hear what they talk about behind your back
  • Track cell phones using their GPS to pinpoint it’s location
  • Crack passwords and read passcodes on Android, iPhone, iPads
  • Comes with FaceTime Spy Cam which turns on both camera and the mic to monitor surrounding

4. Highster Mobile – Cell Phone Tapping Software For Android

highster mobile

Check out Highster Mobile now if you have want to tap someone’s Android smartphone

  • Record high quality phone conversations and save them in any popular available formats
  • Capture GPS data 2-3 minutes of their actual movement
  • Live Control Panel allows you to monitor advanced settings such as time triggers, display options etc.
  • Operate camera and microphone secretly to record surroundings
  • Uninstall the software remotely with an online control panel

5. SpyMaster Pro – A Safe and Secure Monitoring System

spymaster pro

Download SpyMaster Pro a cell phone tapping software with standard features

  • Check call logs, texts and GPS data
  • Track texts coming in and out of the phone; recover deleted text messages
  • Monitor all sent and received emails
  • View phone book with date stamps and duration data

6. Mobile Spy – A Tapping Software For All Smartphones

mobile spy

Download Mobile Spy if you want a professional spying software

  • Live Control Panel allows you to view the screen of the smartphone, send commands, device etc.
  • Access all communication logs such as – texts, emails, call logs, messengers etc.
  • Monitor media files such as photos and videos
  • Get alerts on GPS data, profanity, intrusion etc.
  • Enhance monitoring by controlling phone settings

7. Spyera – A Tapping Software for Phones and Tablets


Use Spyera if you want a powerful and undetectable smartphone spying software

  • Record live calls and upload it to a web account
  • Use it as a bugging device and record surroundings, conversations etc.
  • Spy on all VoIP calls, with relevant details
  • Access and break all passcodes and passwords on social networks

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