Chess is an indoor game and a timeless game that is been played by everyone since the 15th century. It is becoming one of the world’s greatest games because it requires a lot of thinking.

If there is a game that will greatly improve one’s logic, it is this game. Below are few suggested games that you will like to try.

1. War Chess

You will go the world that is sent by War chess where races of elves, dwarves, and people live. Direct your troops from the ancient temple, distant deserts, ruins and other strange locations. Fight with your opposite partner and guide your army to success in a gloriously game of chess!

  • The board is the 3-D game that provides your pieces fighting and moving for you.
  • 2-D game board integrated on the screen so that you can play easily and see as well.
  • 10 different game boards ranging from the Forest, Ruins to the Desert.
  • Rules of chess are unmistakably stated.

2. Grandmaster Chess

This game is Easy to learn but when you play it is little difficult. With Grandmaster Chess, it’s just your board, yourself and your partner

  • Views in 3D and 2D
  • 2 players can easily play on a computer.
  • You will get a lot of hints
  • The style of chess board are different you can select whichever you wish to

3. Chess Free

Chess has been demanding and sometimes hard in the minds of players for nearly a millennium now. The rules may have evolved and changed from their modest beginnings, but it still remains to be one of the most simple but hard to master games ever developed.

  • There is no demo versions and no locked options
  • Best for 2.3 and up android devices
  • The game is very easy to play.
  • Supports Landscape mode for Tablets

4. Chess Live

Chess Live is known to be one of the well-known and best-designed chess games, The game is played by one person or many players can also join. Confront your friends to a board of chess.

  • It has best graphics with inspirational sound effects.
  • Needs android version and 2.0 version
  • All the levels are quite easy and simple.
  • The game can be downloaded easily and there are no rules as well

5. Chess for Android

A chess mechanism which can be downloaded on the touch phone screen will aid you to improve the Chess playing schemes. The engine supports Engine Communication Protocol and the Universal Chess Interface (UCI).

  • The game can be downloaded for android users and 1.6
  • Instructions are quite simple and easy
  • With 5.0.5 version it has a time control clock

6. Chess – Learn and Play

With more than 10 million players across the world, you can play as well as practice by improving your chess playing skills with more than 50,000 tactics puzzles. The 20 backgrounds are very interesting.

  • Android requirement varies with device
  • Rated for 3+ players
  • Ideal for both Android as well as PC download

7. 3D Chess Game

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