Planning a party for your little girl? Why not make it Disney-themed? Little girls out there love princesses. Make the birthday girl feel like royalty for a day. If you do decide to hold a princess-themed party, then you probably want to send out invitations that reflect what the gathering is going to be about. Thankfully you’ve stumbled upon a list offering princess-type invitations, particularly one of the all-time favorite, Cinderella.

Many girls look up to Cinderella due to her kind and compassionate nature. Despite her rough upbringing, she still manages to be a good role model for your little girl. Who doesn’t love this Disney princess clad in blue? 

Printable Cinderella Invitation

printable cinderella invitation



Disney Cinderella Invitation

disney cinderella invitation



Custom Cinderella Invitation

custom cinderella invitation



Wedding Cinderella Invitation

wedding cinderella invitation



Printable Cinderella Themed Invitation

cinderella invitation printable



Princess Cinderella Themed Birthday Invitation

princess cinderella invitation



Make Dreams Come True with These Cinderella Invitation Cards

Allow your little girl to feel like a princess for on her special day by making it Cinderella-themed and sending out Cinderella invitation cards as well.

  • Treat her like a princess. Young girls everywhere are mostly fond of princesses. Who wouldn’t want to be treated like royalty?
  • Attract kindred spirits. Many young girls out there are big fans of Cinderella. Inviting these girls over to her party might help her bond with other fans.
  • Make the moment magical. Disney princesses are often associated with magic. Fill your little girl’s special day with enchantment with these invitation cards.

The Essentials of a Cinderella Invitation Card

If you want to design every aspect of the invitation cards that you’re going to be sending out to your guests, here are a few tips.

  • Make It Blue — Cinderella is often associated with her pretty blue dress. This signifies true blue femininity. Though, if you want, you can also use another color.
  • Patterns  — You can pick a pattern that you think would match your child’s birthday invitation card. You can go for a stylish paisley invitation, or the classic polka dots, or the popular stripes design.
  • Animal Friends — Disney princesses aren’t complete without their animal friends. You can customize the invitation card to have certain animals such as felines, birds, or dogs if you so want.


Cinderella Baby Shower Invitations

cinderella baby shower invitations



Cinderella Style Wedding Invitation

cinderella style wedding invitation



Cinderella Birthday Invitation

cinderella birthday invitation



Cinderella Party Invitation

cinderella party invitation



Cinderella Bridal Shower Invitation

cinderella bridal shower invitation



First Birthday Cinderella Invitation

first birthday cinderella invitation



Digital Cinderella Invitation

digital cinderella invitation



Have a Fun Time With Cinderella

Cinderella themed invites can be for more than just birthday party invites for little girls. Young women can also use them for their own wedding invitations and for their bridal showers if they so choose. The Cinderella invitations offered on this list are versatile and can be used for a number of occasions.

  • Birthday Parties — Having a Cinderella-themed birthday party is mostly for little girls younger than thirteen years. But these Cinderella invites can be customized for all ages and then sent to guests.
  • Baby Showers — Is your child newly born? Why not invite your friends to give gifts to her with these Cinderella invitation cards? They will make for a better occasion.
  • Bridal Showers — Is someone getting married? If the bride-to-be loves this rags-to-riches character, make Cinderella the basis for the theme.
  • Wedding Invitations — Having two people get married is always a special occasion. You can make Cinderella-themed cards for that special day as well.
  • Parties in General — You can use these invites for practically everything. You can even shape them for a BBQ invitation for guests to come to your backyard and have a friendly family barbecue with you.

So you see? These Cinderella themed invitations can really be useful for more than just birthday parties. Hopefully, you managed to find the perfect Cinderella invitation to give to your guests.

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