Reference guides are required by almost all cinematographers for all kinds of shoots. As there are several camera options accessible these days, you may get confused about which menu you are exactly looking for.

A plethora of cinematography applications have been launched on the current times that are proving to be extremely useful for filmmakers and people belonging from the entertainment industry. The best seven Android applications that must be downloaded by every cinematographer are as follows

1. Shot designer

shot designer

Now the revolutionary app, Shot Designer is accessible for Android as well. It is use for building blocking diagrams, lighting and camera. With a fluid interface, it appears to be robust yet simple. Few characteristics are

  • Characters can now be animated easily in real-time with the Animation feature.
  • The director’s viewfinder presents precise camera angles that are very useful.

2. Android Grip

android grip

If you are in the entertainment industry, then you must download the app called Android Grip in your Smartphone today. It is especially designed for Grip professionals.

  • The main purpose of this particular application is to present important information regarding the rigging department.
  • It includes features like hardware, dolly and cranes and many more.

3. SL Digislate

sl digislate

Practised film production at its best requires the proper utilization of an Android application known as SL Digislate. If you wish to have a digital slate for your specific production, then downloading this is a must.

  • Timecode is a feature that is very helpful

4. Cinema FV-5

cinema fv 5

Getting the manual controls within the reach of your fingers is very important if you are a filmmaker or a videographer. Best footages can be captured Cinema FV-5. Various features are

  • Audio and video codec can be selected by you for adjusting the channels and bitrates.
  • Particular focal lengths can be set because of the 35mm focal length display.

5. Cine tool free

cine tool free

If you have your Smartphone in one hand and a camera in your other hand, then it is must for you to download the app known as Cine tool free in your phone. This app is also appropriate for focus pullers. The functions that can be found within application are as follows

  • Colour correction which is a very important function needed for shoots
  • Notes can be taken
  • Time-lapse
  • Split focus function

6. GoPro application

cine tool free 1

You can now easily organize your camera with this Go Pro for capturing great shots. Camera settings can also be adjusted quite easily. The key features are

  • Key moments can be marked while you record HiLight Tag.
  • Photos and videos can be viewed and played back.
  • Camera software can be wirelessly updated

7. Camcalc Free

camcalc free

This is a camera and photo calculator application that is used for enhancing visual effects to great extents. Camcalc Free application comes with a lot of important features.

  • Depth of field
  • Flash calculations can be made
  • Supports video, still and movie cameras
  • Supports Ad as well.
  • Importance of these applications

Creation and innovation are two such things that filmmakers are always concerned with. Innovation can be now taken to another level with the availability of applications that are mentioned-above. Download those today in your Smartphone for obtaining better zoom, control and audio recording options that will make every shoot of yours a super hit.

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