Circuit design software are the same called as circuit drawing and analysis as well. The list is well prearranged as free circuit simulation software, simulation software and open source circuit analysis, easy and simple to use simulators, windows based simulator,

Linux-based simulator, etc. Below are the list of collection best circuit design software which can be freely downloaded.

1. NgSpice

ng space

Free Download

NgSpice known as one of the most famous and widely used open source circuit design from Sourceforge and it is completely free. NgSpice is made by a combined effort from its users and its code is based on 3 open source software packages.


  • A lot of small bugs removed
  • Improved code compliance.
  • Updated pdf manual and much different documentation
  • Memory leaks are also removed

2. Multisim


Free Download

Multisim software is used with reasonably priced student hardware platforms to reinforce the theory and design of advanced projects. Integration to NI myDAQ data acquisition allows you to full electronics labs from essential Ohms law to higher filters.


  • Discovers breadboard in 3D before lab assignment submission,
  • Make printed circuit boards (PCB) etc
  • Breadboard simulation is possible with Multisim circuit simulator.
  • Easy and simple to use

3. MacSpice

mac spice

Free Download

This breadboard simulator can execute out simulation ranging from a solo resistor to an integrated circuit with hundreds of devices and components packed together


  • Edit commands
  • Mac Spice creates and opens various file types

4. Solve Elec

solve elec

Free Download

Solve Elec is an electrical circuit simulator which is completely a free version that has developed for Windows and Macintosh OS. It helps the users to analyse and draw circuits both electronic and electrical performing in alternating or direct current, get formulas, verify equations, get equal circuits etc.


  • formulas and values of transfer functions
  • frequency response graphs
  • New version 2.5
  • Analyze and draw electrical circuits
  • Save and edit print reports
  • verify circuit related equation

5. Proteus



This is a mixed mode, Spice based replication tool from LabCenter. They are 2 kinds of versions, advanced and basic. Basic version is completely free which supports interactive simulation and advanced supports a variety of useful features and functions like graph based analysis which has noise, frequency, fourier parameters, distortion and so on.


  • All versions of Proteus also a copy of ProSPICE
  • They are fully integrated
  • Direct compatibility

6. LTSpice


Free Download

LTSpice is an extensively famous spice simulator from Linear. LTspice is a free circuit simulation tool. This simulation software is known as one of the best freeware accessible


  • It offers a variety of custom design simulation device and tools models
  • Gives even novice designers to easily and quickly evaluate circuits using high-performance switching amplifiers, regulators, filters, data converters and many more
  • It is a power supply design

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