In offering cleaning services, impressing your customers does not only entail leaving places spotless clean, but also it takes seamless business processes. When utilizing traditional methods, excelling in both things without compromising the other might be a feat difficult to achieve. Although with the right digital solutions at your disposal, you can combat these worries and exceed expectations. That said, secure your very own cleaning business software as early as now.

4+ Cleaning Business Software

1. Jobber


Rating: 4.6/5

Price: FREE


2. ZenMaid


Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $49/month


3. Deputy


Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $2.50/month


4. DoTimely


Rating: 5/5

Price: FREE


5. The Service Program


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $49/month


What Is Cleaning Business Software?

Cleaning business software is a digital solution that helps cleaning agencies, both big and small, with the complexities of their daily operations. It centralizes varying business processes in an integrated platform, allowing you to add and control data from one place. Also, it has calendar and scheduling functionalities for managing appointments. When you utilize cleaning business management solutions, some provide digital tools for setting up web portals to cater to online bookings. 

In addition, this management system has a database that stores essential customer data and lets its users digitize employee management and other administrative tasks. Payment processing gateways are also one of the functionalities to look for in this software.


This technology takes your cleaning service business to new heights. With its business process automation tools, you can streamline repetitive processes from your day-to-day activities. Also, it eliminates the need for processing documents and transactions manually by offering a more convenient and secure platform for business transactions. In addition, another benefit of this cleaning software is that it reduces the resources you need to expend to achieve the results you desire.


With the number of cleaning business managers with varying demands, developers created digital solutions in response. Which of them is most suited for your business? That is a tricky question that requires you to spend time and energy when deliberating your available choices in the software market. These cleaning business solutions, although having overlapping functionalities, also have glaring differences regarding each of their specializations, functionalities, and prices. Also, the following are essential features that you should look for in the software of your choice:

  • Shift scheduling functionalities
  • Task management tools
  • Customer chat platform
  • Online booking system
  • Workflow automation capabilities
  • Customer management tools
  • CRM software functionalities
  • Online payment gateways
  • Third-party applications integration

Top 10 Cleaning Business Software

1. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a field service management system with GPS tracking and dispatch management functionalities. They have 3,500 employees and have 1.6 billion dollars in revenue.

2. Jobber

This home service solution provides its users with functionalities for budgeting and client management. They have 313 people in their team and have 45.4 million dollars in revenue.

3. Deputy

Tools for automated scheduling and staff management are examples of features in this software. They have 40.6 million dollars in revenue and hired 280 people.

4. Housecall Pro

This software helps home service professionals with its contract management and dispatch management capabilities. They have 40.2 million dollars in generated revenue and have 277 people on their team.

5. mHelpDesk

When you use this software, you can access convenient billing and invoicing methods and cataloging tools. They have a generated revenue of 13.6 million dollars and have 94 employees.

6. ZenMaid

With this maid services solution, you can use tools for routing and work order management. They have employed ten people and have generated a revenue of 10 million dollars.

7. Hubstaff

In this professional services platform, you can utilize employee activity monitoring controls and collaboration tools. They have 8.9 million dollars in revenue and have 60 employees.

8. BookedIn

BookedIn is a software that offers job management and email marketing properties. They have a revenue of 7.1 million dollars and have 46 people working for them.

9. Connecteam

Approval process control and 360 degree feedback capabilities are features you can use in this software. They have 41 employees and have generated a revenue of 5.9 million dollars.

10. DoTimely

This all-in-one management software offers a customer portal and credit card processing capabilities. They have 107 thousand dollars in revenue and have five people on their team.


What are tips for successful cleaning business management?

As some of the essential resources that keep your business running are money and time, you need to pay extra attention to overseeing financial management and workforce scheduling. Also, aim to hire the most skilled and highly motivated individuals in your team. Successful business management also entails quality customer service and compelling marketing strategies.

What are effective strategies in marketing a cleaning business?

As most consumers utilize digital devices and surf the internet, it is also advisable to move your marketing strategies digitally. One method you can incorporate is the social media marketing strategy, in which you take advantage of famous social media platforms to customize and upload campaigns. Also, consider using digital solutions to help you manage multiple marketing channels at once to maximize your marketing efforts.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a term that refers to the services that a cleaning company offers to commercial buildings such as offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, restaurants, and industrial buildings. Also, it involves the utilization of technology and appropriate human resource management. Commercial cleaning services include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, desk dusting, drapery cleaning, and even fireproofing.

Like how you need the right equipment and chemicals to produce the best services, you also need appropriate digital solutions in your toolkit to optimize the results of your business processes. That said, make the right choice today and start your digital transformation journey to gain a sharper competitive edge in this industry. You can start it by downloading the cleaning business software you deem to be the best.

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