A logo represents a company for whatever purpose it may serve.The logo becomes the face of your company and brands every product and service you do. Because of that, you should put more value on your Logo Designs and all the emblem it has and including the colors used.

Each part of a logo has a corresponding meaning on it and not just there for the sake of art. When trying to decide on a new logo to brand your company with, you can look for a PSD logo design that you can download and edit to use for your company.

Construction Company Logo Designs

Construction Company Logo Vector

construction company logo vector



Modern Construction Company Logos

modern construction company logo



Abstract Construction Company Logo

abstract construction company logo



Creative Construction Company Logo

creative construction company logo



Why Use Business Logos?

A good logo makes your business easy to remember. As they say, “put a face to the name.” It also establishes your business since the logo already displays the type of product or  service that your company provides. Aside from that, a business logo design also sets the bar for your company. You become more legitimate and credible to your potential clients and target market.

How Can You Make a Logo?

Some companies might find it harder than others to generate their own unique logo. The authenticity of your logo is very important because you try to stand out among your competitors. The easiest way is by downloading logo templates or PSD designs online. Do a specific search with keywords like construction company logo or health and beauty company logo to get more relevant results. Download and tailor the logo to the product or service that you offer. If you can spare the expense, you also have the option to hire a graphic designer.

Web Design Company Logos

Web Design Letter W Logo

web design letter w logo



Infinity Logo Design

infinity logo design



Creative Web Design Logo

creative web design logo



Fitness Company Logo Designs

Love fit Company Logo

love fit company logo



Fitness Equipment Logo Designs

fitness equipment logo



Man and Woman Silhouettes Fitness Logo

man and woman fitness logo



Fitness Vector Logo Design

fitness vector logo design



What Can You Include in a Logo?

The symbols represent the values, mission, and goal of your company. As an example, a dumbbell on a fitness company logo can represent a gym while a house will most likely be in a real estate company logo. These little things are what people will see and will expect of your business. The most obvious object that is related to the nature of the business is mostly used on the logos.

Although not applied in all businesses, some companies actually have specific colors for their logos. The meaning of the colors playing a factor on why you use them on a logo but it can also be for aesthetic purposes too.

Some logos include Latin phrases, among other foreign languages. This is mostly seen on educational institutions compared to other industries. However, you would also notice some companies have their initials written on their logo or are directly used as their logo.

Movie Company Logo Designs

Movie Trading Company Logo

movie trading company logo



Movie Production Company Logo

movie production company logo



Media Production Company Logo

media production company logo



Travel Company Logo Designs

Travel Agency Logo

travel agency logo



Travel Company Vector Logo

travel company logo vector



Electrical Company Logo Designs

Electrical Gear Logo

electrical gear logo



Electrical Equipment Company Logo

electrical equipment company logo



Power Vector Logo

power vector logo



Real Estate Company Logo Designs

Home Real Estate Company Logo

home real estate company logo1



Real Estate Development Company Logo

real estate development company logo



Elegant Real Estate Company Logo

elegant real estate company logo



HouseKey Real Estate Company Logo

housekey real estate company logo



Text Logo versus Image Logo

As mentioned above, some logos use the company name alone while others use combined symbols altogether. What difference does it make?

A text logo design is easier for anyone to read. For example, a travel company logo with the name “Sample” is used as a logo. Clients and customers of “Sample” will easily recall their name because it is used in the logo. However, some would find this as a lack of effort on the company’s end to come up with a more creative representation other their name.

On the other hand, an image logo is more complex. You have to thoroughly examine all the details of the logo because each of these represents your company and not just a single part of it. A cleaning company logo will most likely use cleaning materials as symbols; these materials are a part of who you are as a company. People will remember and associate you with that image when they think about your name. The upside of this is that clients will easily identify what type of work you do.

Cleaning Company Logo Designs

Cleaning Services Company Logo

cleaning services company logo



Commercial Cleaning Company Logo

commercial cleaning company logo



Global Company Logo Designs

Global Fashion Company Logo

global fashion company logo



Global Oil Company Logos

global oil company logo



Insurance Company Logo Designs

Life Insurance Company Logo

life insurance company logo



Umbrella Logo for Insurance Company

insurance company with umbrella logo



Make your Company Logo Stand Out

A logo is just as important as your company name. It represents your business image and is basically a visual calling card. When making a corporate company logo, take note of these key points:

  • Make sure that your outcome is professional-looking – remember that this will forever be associated with your business, even when you decide to revamp your logo in the future.
  • Follow standard practices when making a logo – ensure that your logo is acceptable to use especially when globalizing your service or product.
  • Do not base your design on another company’s popular logo – the original logo owner might file a legal action that might damage your reputation. Your logo won’t give you the sense of identity you were supposed to establish in the first place. For example, opening a food business and using a yellow double arch similar to McDonald’s is not an acceptable practice. Use your creativity to come up with better ideas on how you want the logo to be. Furthermore, when you choose to make your own logo, you get more freedom on how you want to look like and what you want to put on your logo. This is the upside mostly of DIY logo designs.

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