Managing a convenience store is tough! There are a variety of aspects of running a convenience store that need to be paid attention to. There are customers that need assistance, inventory that must be accounted for, staff that must be managed, and so much more. Fortunately, there is software that helps make running a convenience store much easier: convenience store software!

7+ Convenience Store Software

1. CStoreOffice



Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


2. PDI software

pdi software


Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom



korona pos


Rating: 5/5

Price: $49/Month


4. GoFrugal



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Custom


5. Jolt



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


6. ShopKeep



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


7. Clover



Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Free


8. Revel Systems

revel systems


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $79/Month


What Is Convenience Store Software?

Convenience store software–also known as C Store software–provides convenience store software systems, convenience store epos software, convenience store POS software, and so much more. Convenience store software consists of various tools, features, products that help enhance performance and increase sales.


The major benefit of convenience store software is that it makes running a convenience store more convenient! Convenience store management software increases productivity in establishments; it motivates employees to work more efficiently, integrates accurate data on inventory, and in turn, boosts sales and revenue.


A notable feature of convenience store software is a C Store POS system. POS software enables quick processing of customer purchases, keeps employees satisfied, and improves the accuracy of data in terms of inventory, sales, and pricing.

Top 8 Products

1. CStoreOffice

CStoreOffice has specialties in retail software, the best convenience store back office software, and all the tools you need to increase productivity and optimize efficiency.  

CStoreOffice is a product of Petrosoft, a company that has an estimated annual revenue of $24.8 million and a company size of 201-500 employees.

2. PDI Software

PDI Software will provide you with data analytics software, inventory management software, and a variety of other top-of-the-line products and services needed to reach success.

PDI software has a revenue of $146 million and a company size of 501-1,000 employees.


Start your journey with KORONA POS for free today. KORONA POS is trusted by 8,788 businesses, has made over 1 million transactions, and has made 25,574 points of sale. For the best convenience store POS systems, put your trust in KORONA POS.

KORONA POS has a revenue of $4 million and a company size of 11-50 employees.

4. GoFrugal

Improve your retail, restaurant, or distribution business with GoFrugal. GoFrugal has hassle-free food delivery software, billing software, mobile application management software, and a number of other specialties. GoFrugal serves more than 30,000 customers and over 70 industries in over 70 countries.

GoFrugal has an estimated revenue of $61.3 million and a company size of 201-500 employees.

5. Jolt

Since 2012, Jolt has been helping a variety of businesses improve and achieve success by providing them with the software they need. If you are looking to really jolt your business, receive solutions from Jolt today!

Jolt has a revenue of $22 million and a company size of 51-200 employees.

6. ShopKeep

Keep your shop in tip-top shape with a reliable convenience store POS system from ShopKeep. ShopKeep will provide you with eCommerce software, C store inventory management software, and more systems.

ShopKeep has a revenue of $57 million and a company size of 201-500 employees

7. Clover

Get a C store POS system and marketing analytics software for free from Clover. 

Clover has a revenue of $42 million and a company size of 501-1,000 employees.

8. Revel Systems

Revel Systems is rightfully trusted and loved by over 20,000 businesses all over the world. A few key features Revel Systems has to offer include CRM software, online ordering, mobile POS, and flexible payment options! 

Revel Systems has a revenue of $84 million and a company size of 501-1,000 employees.


How much does convenience store software cost?

The cost of convenience store software greatly varies.

Some convenience store software, such as the software provided by Clover, is free. Other convenience store software is priced according to the size of the business or the different package or service one is availing. There is also convenience store software that requires monthly payments, like Revel Systems.

Who benefits from convenience store software?

Of course, the employees and managers of convenience stores benefit from convenience store software. However, customers of convenience stores also get something out of convenience store software, as well. Because convenience store software makes life easier for employees and managers, they are able to deliver better service, making customers more satisfied and happy!

Which is the best convenience store software for my company?

The purpose of convenience store software is to provide tools and features that make it easier to manage inventory, ordering, staffing, and other store responsibilities. However, not all convenience store software may have the features you are looking for. The best convenience store software for your company depends on your company or business’s needs, priorities, and goals. Therefore, you must take into consideration the different tools different convenience store software make available then choose which convenience store software has what you need.


Make use of user-friendly convenience store software. Instead of stressing out and managing every little detail, make your life of running a convenience store a little bit easier with convenience store software. Take advantage of convenience store inventory software, convenience store POS, and other software to begin improving your convenience store today.

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