Can you imagine your life without your PC or laptop? If the answer is yes, you should probably be having any one of these tools in your system. The CPU temperature monitoring software checks the temperature of your processor and warns you if some malfunction is found.

We have brought to you some of the best software to monitor the CPU temperature. Have these in your system to maintain the ideal CPU temperature.

1. Speccy

speccy 1

This is a software with numerous utilities. If you don’t believe, try Speecy and see.

  • Ideal for personal computers in home.
  • Free trial version is available. The full version costs $19.95.
  • Easily measures and shows the current temperature of the processor.
  • Useful if you want information about your various hardware.

2. Real Temp

real temp

This is a software specially designed for Intel processors. Real Temp is ultimate temperature analysis software.

  • Very efficient for Intel quad core, dual core and i7 processors.
  • Comes with an inbuilt alarm to warn you if the temperature exceeds the limit.
  • Comes in portable format. Hence installation is not required.

3. CPU Thermometer

cpu thermometer

Very simple software for the purpose, CPU Thermometer is ideal for low priority systems.

  • The interface of the software is very simple.
  • CPU temperature of each core is displayed.
  • Can be run with Windows startup.

4. SpeedFan


SpeedFan is ultimate software with useful features for maintain the CPU temperature.

  • Shows the hard disk and processor temperature.
  • Hardware information is shown on the interface.
  • The software manages the processor fan speed if the temperature of the system increases.

5. CPU TempWatch

cpu tempwatch

CPU TempWatch is very efficient and simple CPU temperature monitoring software.

  • Information is displayed near the system tray.
  • Core wise temperature is displayed in separate boxes.
  • The user can execute computer shutting programs if the CPU temperature rises above a certain limit.

6. Sensors View Pro

sensors view pro

If you are looking for an easy CPU temperature monitor with various features, the answer is Sensors View Pro.

  • The software can be downloaded for absolutely free.
  • Core wise temperature of the processor is shown by this software.
  • Various other monitoring can be done.
  • Manual configuration is allowed.

7. SIW Portable

siw portable

SIW Portable is a multi tasking software with utilities you are surely going to appreciate.

  • The CPU temperature along with other information about the system is shown by this software.
  • Complete details of the computer can be viewed.
  • The software comes in portable format.

8. Open Hardware Monitor

open hardware monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is a software that should be kept in high priority busy computers.

  • It is open source software and comes for totally free.
  • Various details of CPU along with its temperature is shown by this software.
  • The software is in portable format.

9. HW Monitor

hw monitor

HW Monitor is perhaps considered to be the overall best monitoring software.

  • All the important data about you system’s processor can be viewed by using this software.
  • The analysis data can be saved for future reference.
  • The software is available in portable as well as installation package.

Importance of CPU Temperature Monitoring Software

More than the tolerable temperature is always a problem be it for man or for machine. An overheated CPU gives rise to many problems. There is always a risk that the internal components of the system may get damaged. The hardware and the electrical networking inside your system may not be able to withstand the rise in temperature and hence may get destroyed. This I turn shortens the lifespan of your computer. The CPU Monitoring software helps you to keep your processor temperature in check. These software are programmed in such a way that they try to dissipate the extra heat automatically by increasing the speed of SMPS. So, if you want you computer to remain hale and healthy, you ought to have one of the above mentioned application in your system.

Choosing the Best Software

It is very easy to choose the software that will fulfill all your requirements. You can go on to download any of the above mentioned software. Worry not, the review that we have given here is after a rigorous survey. The software we have mentioned are good enough for both home and professional needs. Hence, just go ahead to download any one these software to increase the life of your system.

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