Perhaps one convenient thing about having so many items available on the Internet is that it becomes so much easier to find anything you may need. Given how many things are available for buying or downloading from online, finding the perfect items for your needs should be made so much easier. While most people’s first thoughts might be related to acquiring physical items, given that so many products exist as software, it is possible to simply download whatever you need and get them right away.

Like practically anything found online, there are a number of uses that can be found for these patterns. The most obvious might be for crafts such as knitting, or even wood carving and tile design. This allows these patterns to have practical uses, but downloadable patterns arguably have other uses other than those. Such patterns have undeniable use as software tools, including for digital art and presentations, which gives them greater utility than simply serving as tools for crafts.

Background Patterns Download

Photoshop Background Pattern

photoshop psd background patterns1



Website Background Pattern Design

website psd background patterns



Baby Pattern Designs Download

Baby Knitting Patterns

psd baby knitting patterns



Baby Crochet Pattern

psd baby crochet pattern



Baby Sleep Pattern

psd baby sleep patterns



Crochet Baby Dress Pattern

psd baby dress patterns



Christmas Pattern Designs

Christmas Themed Patterns

psd christmas kniting patterns



Christmas Stocking Pattern

psd christmas stocking patterns



Christmas Sock Crochet Pattern

psd christmas crchet patterns



Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

psd christmas tree skit patterns



Dot Pattern Designs

Rangoli Dot Pattern Design

psd rangoli dot patterns



Dot Kolam Patterns

psd dot kolam patterns



Dot Painting Pattern Design

psd dot painting patterns



Circle Pattern Designs

Circle Loom Knitting Pattern

psd circle loom knitting patterns



Circle Pattern Design

psd circle skit patterns



Overlapping Circle Design Patterns

psd circle design patterns



Circle Scarf Knitting Pattern

psd circle scarf knitting patterns



Floor Pattern Designs

Floor Tiles Patterns

psd floor tile patterns



Floor Decorative Stencil Patterns

psd floor stencil patterns



Ornamental Floor Design Patterns

floor design patterns



Floor Tiles Geometric Patterns

psd floor geometric patterns



Uses of These Downloadable Patterns

To put it simply, these downloadable patterns are patterns you can find online that you can use in a variety of ways. Some of these patterns would be appropriate for knitting, while others are patterns that could be used with your devices. However, it should be noted that these designs have a large amount of utility that makes them useful in a wide variety of situations.

  • Uses in Knitting – Many other patterns available online correspond to knitting and crochet designs so that anyone with any interest in knitting can find patterns they may be able to use for themselves. This extends to clothes and decorative objects, which means that you can make a variety of items. Whether you knit as a hobby or to make money, these downloadable patterns should give you more designs to choose from. Naturally, this means that you have more options when it comes to producing more items.
  • Uses in Devices and PowerPoints – Not all these patterns are suitable as knitting guides. As a matter of fact, some of these designs cannot be replicated by knitting or even replicated physically. However, one could say that they are meant solely for devices. That is not a fault as these particular software designs can serve to spice up one’s device. That does not mean that these designs can only serve as backgrounds. One can also use these designs for powerpoint presentations. This is especially useful for presentations, as these make them all the more interesting; after all, no one wants a bland background. It is much easier to hold the audience’s attention with a more dynamic background.
  • Uses in Digital Art – These designs could also be used for digital art, in that the patterns can be used as a foundation for devising whatever digital artwork you can come up with. Digital art, is, after all, a new way of making your own art. And as a relatively new mode of expression, there is a great deal of room to experiment, so that one can easily use these patterns as the point from which to take off.
  • Uses in Relation to Other Crafts – Returning to the subject of crafts, there are, aside from knitting, undeniably several uses for these patterns. For instance, many of these patterns can also be used for assisting in other crafts, such as embroidery, wood carving, and tile design.
  • Uses in Embroidery – As a craft closely related to knitting, it is small wonder that these designs can also be used for embroidery; actually, many of these designs can even be used for sewing. As for embroidery, many of these patterns would be interesting to add to one’s cloth objects, such as clothes. And, much like knitting, these need not remain in the realm of a hobby-life as one could very easily profit from such skills. Those with the tools and skills may even make clothes from these, as several of these designs can readily be applied to clothes, which adds another dimension to using these patterns.
  • Uses in Wood Carving – Some of these downloadable patterns feature designs one can use for wood carving if one has the necessary skills. This has obvious applications in art if one has the inclination, but it can just as easily apply to the practical work of making objects like cabinets, doors, and others. Now that it is more of an option, many people elect to have their wooden objects personalized by adding such touches so as to make them fully theirs.
  • Uses in Floor Tiling – These available patterns also include options for floor tiles, if you like. Like many other aspects of modern design, people often like having the option of designing every aspect of their homes, and these patterns are a good way of empowering people to do so. These available patterns offer people further options for personalizing and beautifying their homes.

Grass Pattern Designs

Grass Cutting Patterns

psd grass cutting patterns



Grass Dance Regalia Patterns

sd grass dance regalia pattern



Seamless Grass Patterns

seamless grass pattern



Elegant Grass Pattern

psd grass elegant pattern



Pixel Pattern Designs

Pixel Hearts Pattern Design

psd pixel art patterns



Pixel Art Embroidery Patterns

psd pixel crchet patterns



Donut Pixel Patterns

psd pixel bread pattern



Pixel Color Blocks Patterns

psd pixel blocks patterns



Pixel Cross Stich Patterns

psd pixel cross stich patterns



Repeating Patterns

Tileable Texture Repeating Shape Patterns

psd repeating shape patterns



Pink Rose Repeating Background Patterns

repeating background patterns



Seamless Repeating Number Patterns

psd repeating number patterns



Repeating Geometric Patterns

psd repeating geometric patterns



What to Look for in these Patterns

These patterns admittedly have a myriad number of uses, which is an indicator of how many uses there are for such patterns in designing a modern lifestyle. Tools like these are invaluable in crafting a personalized lifestyle that suits individual persons. However, at first glance, they appear to have little in common, other than that they are patterns, which may stem from all the varied uses one can find for them. That is actually not the case, as there are quite the number of similarities between all these patterns. These similarities include:

  • Geometry – Perhaps the most obvious trait of any pattern is the existence of a pattern. These particular patterns are no exception, being that so many of them have undeniable practical applications. In that case, it is to be expected that these patterns should be geometric, both to serve whatever purpose is demanded of them and to contribute to making the designer’s vision more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Visualization – Being that these patterns are clearly and readily visible to the eye, it becomes easier for a designer to visualize whatever vision he has in mind. A designer can more easily make whatever it is he wants if he can visualize his finished work in his mind. Given that there is always a large selection to choose from, any designer should be able to see each design for himself and decide if it fits what he has in mind.
  • Beautification – Given that these patterns can make whatever they are attached to more aesthetically pleasing, it is no surprise that they can find so many uses. Practicality is not the only consideration one should think of when designing anything; one also has to take into account how the thing will look when it is finished. These designs, however, can make one’s work look more interesting, which most anyone would be interested in. Making use of these patterns can help make people’s work look more interesting, as well as personalize it to suit them.
  • Practical Applications – Of course, it is not enough that whatever one plans to make look pleasing to the eye. Many of these downloadable patterns are meant to work with crafts so that there is clearly a practical aspect to these patterns; like everything else related to designing and making whatever it is the designer has in mind, these patterns are another tool that can make the craft easier. One should keep in mind that these patterns are not merely there to make the finished items look pleasing and that the item must be functional in order to do its job.
  • Availability – Of course, it is to the designer’s advantage if he finds a wide selection of patterns to work with so that he has more options to choose from. Thanks to the internet, such selections are readily available much of the time. These patterns should be able to cater to the needs of many designers, but there are more patterns and designs available to use all over the internet if they are needed.

Seamless Pattern Designs

Seamless Knitted Patterns

psd seamless knitting patterns



Seamless Vector Patterns

psd seamless vector patterns



Seamless Photoshop Grid Pattern

seamless photoshop pattern



Seamless Crochet Triangle Patterns

psd seamless crochet patterns



Seamless Icons Pattern Design

psd seamless icon patterns



Subtle Patterns

Subtle Background Patterns

psd subtle background patterns




Subtle Vector Patterns

psd subtle vector patterns



Subtle Dark Patterns

psd subtle dark patterns



Texture Pattern Designs

Texture Paint Roller Patterns

psd texture paint roller patterns



Magic Seamless Texture Patterns

psd texture magic patterns



Yellow Sand Texture Patterns

psd texture roller patterns



Stippled Ceiling Texture Patterns

psd texture ceiling patterns



Wood Pattern Designs

Wood Carving Patterns

psd wood carving patterns



Burned Wood Patterns

psd wood burning pattern



Wood Tile Patterns

psd wood craft patterns



Wood Cutout Patterns

psd wood cutout patterns



Website Patterns

Blue Background Website Patterns

psd website background patterns



Website Header Background Patterns

psd website header background patterns



Wood Background Website Patterns

psd website wood background patterns



Floral Background Website Patterns

psd website floral background patterns



Pastel Stripes Background Website Pattern

psd website striped background patterns



Types of Downloadable Patterns

As established earlier, there are any number of patterns available for downloading, and for a variety of different purposes. That there are so many possible purposes for downloading these patterns should speak to their flexibility as creative tools, as there are so many possible uses for them that they can find a place anywhere. Some of the specific patterns available cater to certain crafts that include the following:

  • Pixel Pattern Designs – Just as the name implies, these designs evoke pixels in their design, so that the images have a pixellated look. At first glance, one might assume that their main use would be in digital art or work best on a device. That is true, to a point, but some of these designs would be appropriate for embroidery, as the fine, delicate detail would work well on cloth.
  • Dot Pattern Designs – These dot patterns are a flexible option, whether for devices or art of all stripes. These designs could be used for to produce interesting artworks, whether digital or otherwise, or one could simply use them to spice up their devices and presentations.
  • Website Patterns – These designs would be right at home on a website, or on a device. Though these would work well in connection with software programs, such as powerpoint presentations, it would not be impossible for at some of these designs to work as designs for embroidery or fabric, if one had the resources.
  • Christmas Pattern Designs – This is more of themed pattern, but these designs are flexible enough to find a place in practically any kind of craft. Some would work well on a device, which would be perfect for working during, or for work related to the holidays. And, of course, there are options for knitting, such as Christmas socks for those who want to hand-make something for the holiday season.
  • Wood Carving Designs – Knitting and embroidery are, of course, not the only crafts that can be served by these designs. There are a number of wood carving designs that woodworkers could take advantage of for ideas. These patterns can just as easily be used for carving one’s own designs to be added to other pieces if one chooses. Of course, these designs can also be used for one’s devices, if one wanted a wood-themed background, for the sake of having an interesting type of wallpaper.
  • Floor Pattern Designs – These designs are primarily for the sake of having interesting floor tiles. This may not apply to everyone, but anyone who wanted a choice of interesting floor tiles could definitely make use of this. And that is not limited to homeowners looking to spice up their homes, even those in the construction business can clearly find a use for this.

One thing of note is how the interconnectivity of all these designs; none of them are limited to any one field, as it were. In fact, these designs can find double duty with different fields, so that more people can find a use for them. That is a fascinating point, as these designs are flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways, but even individual designs themselves can find uses beyond the obvious.

In any case, it is undeniable that these downloadable patterns are incredibly useful tools, for people from all walks of life. Whether you wish to use them for art or craft, or simply to improve how your device looks, there really is no end to finding uses for designs like these, which may one more thing to consider when thinking about what to do with them.

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