Compress all your css files with these minifier software. These software tools allow the user to minify or compress any css files thereby consuming less disk space.

These css minifier tools come with many utilities which can be understood once you use them.

1. Webmini


  • Mini software to compress the css files for a better internet experience. Try Webmini today.
  • Free download on Windows PC.
  • Easily optimize java scripts and css files for a better experience on the web.
  • Websites load really fast as unnecessary space is removed from the source code of the css files.

2. eMinifier


Use eMinifier to compress your css files and experience a better web surfing.

  • Free download on all Windows OS available today.
  • Frees the extra space of a css or a javascript but the quality is not hampered.
  • Simply copy and paste the source code of a css file on the main interface of the software and with a click, job done!

3. File Blender

file blender

Highly extensible and customizable software is at your end. Ready to use File Blender!

  • The software is a command line wrapper.
  • Can encrypt and decrypt almost all file you need.
  • Does not play with the quality of file while compressing.

4. CSSTidy


An open css optimizer that tidies your css files. Go for CSSTidy today!

  • The software is available for use on Windows, OS X and Linux Operating Systems.
  • The tool uses command line control and PHP script.
  • Has complete CSS2 support and hence offers a greated reliability as compared to other software in this group.
  • Optimize efficiently all the css and java files to let you have an enhanced web surfing.

5. CSS Minifier

css minifier

A very unique tool for all professional website developers. CSS Minifier should be in the kit of every professional.

  • Available on all Windows OS for free.
  • Does not require installation and hence can be carried in any removable drive. It can be used in any computer for the purpose.
  • Allow you to review if the work was carried out in the appropriate manner or not.

6. Ultra Minifier

ultra minifier

The simplest of all the software we have come across, Ultra Minifier stands on the reputation of its name!

  • Available absolutely free and runs on any Windows OS.
  • The best YUI compressor available to compress javascripts and css files.
  • Does not mutilate the quality of the file while compressing.
  • Works by the drag and drop method.

7. CSS Compressor

css compressor

The e world does not have the scope of going slow. It is really frustrating if the website takes long time to load. A simple solution is to download these software and compress your CSS and JavaScript for a fast web browsing.

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