If you own a business, Customer Management Software or better known as CRM software is an essential tool. Customer relations form the fulcrum of any business and to improve the logistical aspects of the business, this software is absolutely necessary.

Here is a list of the top 9 Customer Management Software for small business

1. Salesforce.com

Reported to increase win rates by 29%, Salesforce.com helps to improve sales activities and manage contacts for your business. By providing cloud service, it can augment up to 45% in customer satisfaction. Here is its list of major features

  • It has community cloud, i.e it can re-imagine the employment engagement schemes
  • The analytical cloud can increase the planned use in sales
  • It help to build apps faster

2. Infusionsoft

This program is particularly designed so that it can help the businesses to improve in Customer Relationship Management. Compatible with most of the mobile and desktop OS, it is commonly found in all business fronts.

Some of its features include

  • Can manage all schedule tasks as well as keep a tap on all contacts
  • Provides simple framework to design a marketing plan
  • Can set up VoIP to channelize customer service process

4. Pipedrive

For small teams, Pipedrive is a reliable name which works as a sales management tool. With its easy to use interface and intuitive features, it has been widely loved by Salespeople. Its features are

  • Integrated with MailChimp, Google Apps, Zapier etc.
  • Has drag and drop options
  • Smart listing with zoom in filters

5. Freshdesk

When you need to streamline statistics between customer support departments and the sales person, Freshdesk is a trustworthy name. Use this software to close better deals from your clients.

It major features are

  • Collaborate and resolve issues within the team
  • Has IP white-listing for private help desks
  • Automatic free upgradation
  • global infrastructure providing flexibility and content delivery network

6. Capsule CRM

This is a loved choice for the small businesses which can streamline their sale numbers easily. Available through a free account, its major features are

  • keep track of clients, leads, vendors, business etc.
  • link emails easily with contacts
  • Customize the business fields

7. Agile CRM

If you have to name an all-in-one CRM solution, Agile CRM is the most trusted name. Helping to close deals as well as generating new customers, this software has a standalone marketing as well as sales platform. It has

  • Contact level analytical features with campaign metrics
  • Drag and drop designing with advanced marketing features
  • Social listing for better visibility

8. Zurmo

Engineered to improve the growth for the organizations, this Customer Relationship Management software is a loved choice among professionals.

It has

  • Compatibility to work well with external email providers
  • Compatible for enterprise use
  • Coded in English language and is widely used in Great Britain, North America and Australia

9. Zoho CRM

When you need 360-degree view of the sales cycle of your organisation, try Zoho CRM. To spot opportunities as well as identify the trends, this software is a loved choice.

It has

  • Integrate with applications to create scalable, customized business solution
  • Automate focus on selling as data is maintained
  • Complete visibility of the sales cycle and figures

Concluding thought

With the latest customer relationship management software, specially with the names listed above, companies can crank up their sale and lead figures.

Types of CRM

Generally there are two types of Free CRM, which are also known as freemium while the others are open source. The Customer Management Software open source offer fully functional CRM for the organisations with unlimited data options, it has plenty of customizable features with preconfigured version. If you need for upgradation, for instance in SuiteCRM, it costs around £10 or roughly $16.40 a month. Generally, the freemium level allows very limited access which proves helpful only for small firms. However, they don’t have the ability to configure or install in anywhere expect a corporate or business setup.

Major general features

The ability to integrate with Mailchimp, Gmail or Freshbooks, make these CRM extremely popular for office use.

CRM is not a new idea

With the advent of technology, everything that we do is based on cloud based applications which earlier might have been a pen-and-paper deal. Repeatable sales processes need to have a shared data which will contain the basic measurement along with the data visibility to help deal with the sales leads.


Most of the CRM software can be installed on Windows Server with 64-bit-based computers. Generally, the recommended hardware requirements for CRM installation includes dual-core 1.5 GHz processor with 8-GB RAM or more and will need disk space for paging, dumping files as well as hibernation. You should insert a valid commercial product key to start the trial days.

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