Owning a business card is important in when trying to make a name in the competitive corporate industry. Your business card will help you promote yourself faster to clients because you leave a sort of reminder to your clients and partners whenever they see your card.

It is a sturdy card with a standard size of 3 x 2 inches. The bleed area of each card may vary but they are all, nonetheless, of the same base size.

Getting your own business card can be a walk in the park when you use sample templates. They are easy to find and are readily available for use.You can give them away together with your business brochures. The advantage of using templates is that you don’t need to pour in too much effort into your work. You get to have a business card in no time with half the effort you’re supposed to put in when designing from scratch. View our examples from the collection below.

Corporate Business Card


Why are business cards important?

A person’s memory is never perfect. Thus, we forget some things regardless of how much they matter to us.

What assurance do you have that your prospect clients or investors actually remember you? This is one of the main reasons why business cards are important to entrepreneurs and other business people like you. These cards are substantial and tangible which instantly reminds the person about you and what you do.

The information written on business cards makes it easier for you to be reached should they decide to work with you or hire you.

Furthermore, these cards make you look more professional to other people. Introduce yourself and be known through these simple giveaways that go with your advertising brochures.


Geometric Business Card


Geometric Business Card


How to Make Your Business Cards Presentable and Professional

It is one thing to send business cards to clients but it is another thing when you send presentable and professional-looking ones. Not only does it show what you are like as a business owner but also shows how well-managed your company is.

Although templates have the tendency to make your design generic, you still get the chance of editing it to make it unique and tailored to fit your company and personality.

With that, here are three essential tips to help you with your cards.

Simple Business Card


  • Follow proper standards when making the cards. Research ideas and tips on how you can make your cards look even better and avoid doing the common mistakes done by others. Remember that your card will hold your name and your logo design. So, it should be very attractive to all those you give it to. Check for spelling errors and the validity of the details that you have included.

Modern Business Card


  • Do not go overboard with the designs of your cards. This is the same even with anniversary cards you send out for your company’s annual celebration. As much as possible, keep your card designs minimal but presentable. It is normal to want a design to stand out. But, it is also a common mistake for one to go over the top. Just make sure that all necessary details are easily seen with its typography at the right size and in the right style. Remember that these business cards are small. Don’t give your business associates a hard time reading your card which in turn might lead them to ignore your card.

Elegant Business Card
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  • Think outside the when coming up with your personal designs. Because you shouldn’t go extra with your designs, you need something more practical to compensate for the simplicity and uniqueness of the cards. One way is to think of a function for your card. Make it relate to your business. For example, you are a woodcraft business and your latest innovation is foldable wood benches. You can design your cards to be foldable so they represent the product that you make. This way, both your card and your product brochure introduce your service.

It is important to know these three things to create a unique, creative, and mesmerizing business card. Promote yourself through formal giveaway cards.


Business Card Template


Summary of Thoughts

Overall, the look of you business card will still depend on the type of business that you do and your preferred style. There are many templates that you can use, and each of these templates have its own creative design.

Market your business, make yourself known to clients or reach out to investors through a professional business card to give away and not just through marketing brochures. Find your business card sample today and create your own card that will help your business succeed.

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