Here’s something amazing that Windows XP users may be envious of when it comes to Vista: the nifty sidebar that showcases a wide array of applets that can extract relevant details from the Internet, or display gadgets like calendar, temperature meter, news, instant launch pad, clock or images from your PC.

Well, XP users are not required to be jealous anymore with desktop sidebar free download software.

1. Desktop utility

desktop utility

The freeware efficiently manages RSS feeds and enables to streamline web searches.

  • Access to Skype, WinAmp and ICQ with its portable shortcut
  • Offers the ability to convert Desktop Sidebar into a personal organizer using plug-ins like weather forecaster,
  • clock, stock-quote ticker, e-mail checker etc
  • Enables to have access to documents or move between programs

2. zCalendar for desktop bar

zcalendar for desktop bar

  • Zcalendar functions similar to the built-in calendar app
  • Makes users highlight important meetings set alerts, set sound for alerts, note-making for meetings

3. All-In-One Sidebar

all in one sidebar

  • Get access to your web searches, Web-development tools, bookmarks, history, plug-ins, downloads and endless content with 1-click.
  • This customizable extension is one of the best desktop sidebar to switch between different icons
  • Decrease the clutter that various Firefox extensions can create.
  • This All-In-One Sidebar automatically collapse into a narrow tab that gets widened with mouse over.

4. SideBar for Windows

sidebar for windows

The freeware sidebar is for increasing productivity by enabling users to make, cluster and save all your shortcuts, favorite pictures or video, URLs, documents, folders, programs and network paths for fast access.

  • Users decide what to access
  • Allows linking to Google calendar so that the events show up
  • Organize everything without making shortcuts or abundant folders

5. Desktop Themes

desktop themes

  • Features to replace the elements of Microsoft plus Desktop Themes.
  • Users can get access and utilization of up to thousands of free desktop themes present on both NT 4.0 operating systems and Windows 95 without any need to purchase Plus.
  • Features automatic installation, un-installation of themes and shutdown screens,
  • Allows creating custom themes with single click for distribution.

6. Towey Desktop Buddy

towey desktop buddy

  • Easy access to your entire online world with full time connectivity to Mail, chat with family and friends, entertainment weather, news and entertainment.
  • Allows customization of toolbars thus rendering it a personalized look.
  • Single -click access to most visited websites, from social networking, shopping to banking and much more.
  • Easy to download desktop sidebar windows8 and run in no time.

7. bitBomb Google Desktop Search Sidebar plugin

bitbomb google desktop search sidebar plugin

  • A Google Desktop Sidebar replacement plugin that allows users to manage SMS text message reminders that are received on mobile phones.
  • This SMS Reminder plugin is installed into the Google Desktop Search Sidebar, and makes users edit and review remaining reminders before they are being sent.

The suggested freeware are the desktop companion tools that offers desktop users to add, find edit gadgets on their system.

How to install

Installing desktop sidebar Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 95 or 98 is not a difficult process. On the contrary it is a simplified and a fastidious process that just requires clicking on the given links and following the setup wizard instructions. You will get through the wizard in few simple steps and then just shut down the wizard window and right click the desktop. Your downloaded gadgets will all appear on the desktop.

Caution before downloading gadgets for desktop sidebar

Users will be enabled to download loads of desktop gadgets from the internet after completion of installing desktop sidebar windows free download. And it requires being really careful while downloading different kinds of gadgets from the third-party websites as Microsoft no longer provides gadgets. There are many sites that are claiming to offer best authentic gadgets downloading but are actually offering malicious products. Therefore it is suggested to always download the gadgets from the trusted web sources

Essentiality of Technical Assistance for Desktop Sidebar

The desktop sidebar XP must provide effective technical support assistance round the clock for easy functioning. The help centers must have the ability to cater through telephone, email, consumer forums or FAQ’s etc. Help documentation must also be there for easy installation of programs.

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