Still using those time taking machines for forensic investigating and waiting longer for their reports?? Well, this isn’t new as many people have the same kind of challenge during their work. The need to make it faster and easier, takes us to think for an application which makes the work easy.

There are a number of tools available for digital forensic analysis and all of them do not give you the require picture of the investigation as accuracy is the main concerned of such sensitive work. Here we bring you the list of applications that are perfectly designed to give you the desired result. You can check their details and choose the right software for your work.


sans sift

It has all the tools that you require to conduct a depth forensic investigation.Get SANS SIFT in your computer and make your incident investigating report quickly.

SANS SIFT gives you:

  • Advanced Forensic Formats
  • evidence formats
  • Timeline system logs
  • data file carving features

2. ProDiscover Basic

prodiscover basic

It is one of the simple and easy to use digital forensic investigation tools. Download ProDiscover Basic if you are looking for a simple analysis investigation tool.

ProDiscover Basic brings you

  • Image analysis
  • Different search features to fine out data
  • Cluster View of the application
  • Generate report

3. Oxygen Forensics Suite

oxygen forensics suite

It helps to gather information of a mobile phone. Install Oxygen Forensics Suite now and make your mobile related investigation easy.

Oxygen Forensics Suite offers

  • Find info of OS Platform, Serial Number, IMEI, etc
  • Access messages, emails, SMSs
  • Calendar and task information
  • Analysis of photos, videos and documents

4. Free Hex Editor Neo

free hex editor neo

It is able to handle large files.Click here to download Free Hex Editor Neo, if you require a tool to analyze large size data.

Free Hex Editor Neo brings

  • Analysis of database files and forensic images
  • Manual data carving
  • Information collating
  • Low-level file editing

5. Xplico

xplico 1

It is one the best suited application for network and internet related analysis. Install Xplico for the easy investigation of networking related scams.

Xplico comes with

  • Extract information of POP, IMAP or SMTP traffic
  • Supports multiple Internet protocols such as HTTP, SIP, TCP,
  • Throughout of data to a MySQL/SQLite data base
  • Report management

We have tried our best to bring the right applications for digital forensic investigation. It will help you to save your time, you can easily choose the one which best suited for your work looking at the features.

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