Disney has been around for a long time and it has become a significant part of every childhood. From the classic fairy tales such as Snow White to the more recent ones like Frozen, Disney sure has something to offer to everyone of all ages and generations.

With the magic and wonder that Disney brings, it’s no surprise that many people choose to use it as the theme for their parties. It doesn’t matter whether it is a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding. It doesn’t fail and always delivers. When one sees a Disney-themed invitation, he or she is often assured of a fun-filled party. There are many Disney invitation templates you can find online.

Disney Frozen Invitation Template

disney frozen invitation template1


Disney Birthday Invitation Template

disney birthday invitation template


Disney Princess Invitation Template

disney princess invitation template


Disney Wedding Invitation Template

disney wedding invitation template


Fun Facts About Disney

Disney is all around us. From the movies that they make to Disneyland, the “happiest” place on Earth, it’s cultural impact cannot be denied. That doesn’t mean it has always been a smooth-sailing ride for Walt and company. It has had its fair share of controversies and scandals. All that has contributed to the giant that it is today. Here are some Disney facts that you may not know.

  • Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer Mouse. Mickey Mouse may be one of the most popular Disney figures, but you may not know him now as Mickey had Walt Disney’s wife not interfered and suggested to change the name.
  • Snow White is one of the most successful films when adjusted for inflation. When Walt decided to make an animated movie based on the fairy tale, everybody thought it was a bad idea and predicted it to flop at the box office. He even mortgaged his house to finance it and it proved to be a very good investment.
  • With Disney films raking in all the dollars and remaining a top studio when it comes to revenues, you would think that is huge. Believe it or not, Disney makes twice as much money from its theme parks than from its movies.

Disney Party Invitation Template

disney party invitation template


Disney Baby Shower Invitation Template

disney baby shower invitation template


Disney Cars Party Invitation Template

disney cars party invitation template


Disney Frozen Themed Invitation Template

disney themed invitation template


Disney Small World Invitation Template

disney world invitation template


Why A Disney Theme?

A Disney-themed party always requires a good invitation. It’s a good thing there are many Disney invitation templates you can download. These templates are easy to customize as you can add photos into them and add a personalized message for your guests. With the fun that it always brings, you could never go wrong with a Disney party.

  • Kids love it. It doesn’t have to be a kid’s party. It could be a Disney-themed wedding. Rest assured, kids are going to be in parties and nothing would keep them more occupied and busy than a Disney visual treat. Be it Cars for boys or the princesses for little girls, there’s always something for everyone.
  • It is easy to customize. The elements you add to the party are easy to customize. When the budget is tight, a Disney party is also easy to DIY.
  • It is an absolute fun. The word “Disney” has become synonymous with “fun.” There are so many movies to take inspiration from. It will make the planning stage as much fun as the actual party.

You can never go wrong with a Disney-inspired party. When planning one, you need to make your invitation pop by using our Disney invitation templates. They serve as a great indication for a guaranteed fun-filled party.

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