The DjVu is predominantly a file format and the DjVu viewer softwares help to view this file format efficiently on various machines. You mush chose to download the best amongst the best DjVu viewer softwares, for the most efficient results.

Here is a list of top 7 DjVu Viewer softwares that you can use to effectively view files in the DjVu format.

1. STDU Viewer

stdu viewe

The STDU Viewer is one of the most popular and sought after document viewer in the market. It not only supports DjVu but also a whole range of other formats.

  • It comes with a thumbnail pane.
  • It exports documents from one file format to the other.
  • For instance it can transfer DjVu files to JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats.
  • The viewer software allows one to open and view multiple files at once You can also use the viewer to adjust the brightness and contrast of the file.

2. Sumatra PDF


Similar to the STDU viewer, the Sumatra PDF too is able to recognise and read a variety of different formats, including the DjVu.

  • Sumantra PDF maintains the display quality of the documents viewed when reading them.
  • Other file formats read by the Sumantra PDF are PDF, CBR, CHM, CBZ etc.
  • Some of the other functions that the viewer can execute include- Zooming in and out, finding, adding different pages to favourites, going to pages directly, etc.

3. DjVu Viewer


Unlike the softwares mentioned above, the DjVu Viewer software is dedicated to reading files belonging to the DjVu format.

  • Tough DjVu Viewer can only read DjVu file formats; it can export DjVu files to other file formats like- GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF.
  • It makes browsing easy, with the thumbnails on every document.
  • You can use the software to zoom in and out of the images and the documents in the file.

4. WinDjView


The WinDjView is one of the most user friendly viewer softwares that is easy and swift. The software comes with a whole bunch of likeable features.

  • It helps to zoom in and out of the document easily, without spoiling the display quality
  • It allows multi page views all at once.
  • The files can be exported to TXT file format, rotated and be viewed in full screen.

5. Universal Viewer

universal viewer 1

The name says it all. The Universal Viewer helps to open and read a number fo different file format, with DjVu being one of them.

  • You can download the Universal in either of the two following versions- installer and portable.
  • The software comes with multiple free modes. These change automatically as per the need of the document to be opened.
  • Now, view DjVu files in full screen mode with the Universal Viewer.

6. DjVu Libre

djvu libre

One of the most feature rich DjVu file openers and viewers in the market is the DjVu Libre.

  • Export your DjVu documents to a whole bunch of other file formats, including- TIF, PDF, PS, BMP, EPS, ICO, JPEG, PNG, JPG, XBM, PPM etc.
  • Decide the display quality of the file before transferring it.
  • It is extremely user friendly with its thumbnails, multiple tabs and outlines.

7. Evince


Evince makes its way into the tops 7 list of DjVu viewer softwares thanks to its wide usability.

  • It can open and read multiple file formats, with DjVu being one of them. Other file formats that the software supports, include- PDF, TIFF, PS etc.
  • It has a Find feature that helps finding definite words and phrases easier.
  • It zooms up on the document from 50 to 400 %.

All the softwares mentioned above do their job really well of viewing and reading DjVu files really well. Downloading these fantastic viewers make your file viewing task a lot easier.

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