Technology can be difficult at times especially when the understanding of the digital terminology is not the first thing on your mind.

Well, if you are in the midst of such situation where DLL error keeps bugging you, then here are some of the best software that will work as super solutions to the problem.

1. Free DLL Fixer

free dll fixer1

Free DLL Fixer is freeware that will help you fix all .dl missing and other such errors related to ‘not found’ or missing files’. Best features of this software include

  • Capable of searching and downloading 31500+ files
  • Fix all ‘not found’ and ‘.dll missing’ errors
  • DLL fixer software free download is available online

2. Registry Reviver dll Error software

registry reviver dll error software

Simple and easy to use, this Compatible software has some useful DLL error fixer features like

  • Compatible with windows 7, 8.1 and other versions
  • Does registry clean ups
  • Allows you to schedule scans
  • It establishes a restoration point before starting the process in order to return to the earlier state in case anything goes wrong

3. DLL Files Fixer

dll files fixer

This one an easy to download and use software that helps you resolve errors like ‘not found’ , ‘ missing files’, ‘.dll errors’ etc. Exclusive features include

  • Eliminates all pop ups messages by fixing .dll errors
  • Ensures smooth and effective PC working
  • Enhances computer performance

4. My PC Tune Up


Get rid of all pop up errors that hinder smooth working with exclusive features of this software such as:

  • Performs a complete system scan that is quick and effective
  • Restoration point facility to go back to earlier stage if needed
  • Fix errors like ‘.dll error’, ‘missing files’ etc easily.

5. Smart PC Fixer

smart pc fixer

A smart software that not only fixes errors but also enhances PC performance with distinctive features such as 

  • Optimizes, cleans and secures the system through the useful tools of the software.
  • Has a Back-Up menu to keep your files safe
  • User friendly interface

6. DLL Suite

dll suite

This software helps you solve all DLL errors through easy steps. Some exclusive features of this software include:

  • Scans the entire PC first and then asks for your instruction on fixing the errors.
  • Records history of any errors fixed in the PC
  • Comes with trial version and the DLL fixer full version with 90 days refund policy.

7. DLL Tool

dll tool

Free and useful software that one must have installed in PC for fixing DLL errors is DLL tool. This software has some useful features like

  • Eliminates pop up messages like ‘DLL Error’, ‘file Not Fond’ or ‘missing file’ through easy repair options.
  • Gears up system performance
  • Easy to use

8. Ss Registry Fixer

ss registry fixer

The software helps you fix DLL errors through simple and easy tools available. The unique features include:

  • Scans computer for all errors
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Fastens PC performance

9. PC Booster

pc booster

This software does not fixer registry errors but also levels up PC performance by large. Here are some exclusive features of this software

  • Quick scan
  • Helps you fix errors automatically as well as manually
  • Fix common errors like ‘DLL error’, ‘missing file’ , ‘file not found’ etc
  • Easy and simple to use

How does DLL fixer software help PC performance?

All the software listed above promises enhanced PC performance because the software effectively repair and delete files that are either unused or are broken. They also optimize PC performance by regular scans to remove junk files, performing defragmentation and compression of files and other tactics that enable your PC to run faster. The entire scan and repairing process takes only few minutes which makes these software a handy tool to get rid of annoying error messages that keep popping up on PC screen. All most all software creates a ‘restoration point’ to get back to earlier stage of the PC if you aren’t satisfied with the result.

How to install DLL fixer software in PC?

All the software comes with easy download instructions which usually ask you to click the ‘Download’ button and ‘Run’ the installation on PC. Downloading these software is easy and simple and most of these software are available for free download and few have the trial version and premium version division. The trial versions may restrict the use of some tools of the software which are only accessible when purchased.

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